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    to preload [informal] - vorglühen

    Neuer Eintrag

    to preload [informal] Verb - vorglühen ugs.

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    proloading [informal]

    Subst. -

    Vorglühen, s

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen

    Leo hat bereits Einträge zu den deutschsprachigen Ausdrücken :

    Siehe Wörterbuch: vorglühen

     ... to pre-drink | pre-drank, pre-drunk |  - before going out [ugs.]      vorglühen | glühte vor, vorgeglüht | [ugs.]  - vorm Ausgehen alkoholische Getränke zu sich nehmen

    to pregame | pregamed, pregamed |  - before going out (Amer.) [ugs.]      vorglühen | glühte vor, vorgeglüht | [ugs.]  - vorm Ausgehen alkoholische Getränke zu sich nehmen ...

     .. preparty                     das Vorglühen kein Pl. [ugs.] ...




    (priːloʊd IPA Pronunciation Guide )

    Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense preloads, present participle preloading, past tense, past participle preloaded


    If someone preloads, they drink a lot of alcohol before they go out for a social occasion.


    They meet at one of their houses to preload before going on to a night club. [VERB] ...

     ... preload in British English

    (ˌpriːˈləʊd IPA Pronunciation Guide )


     ... 2. (intransitive) informal

    to consume alcoholic drinks at home before going to a social gathering ...




    (also pre-load)

    uk /ˌpriːˈləʊd/  us /ˌpriːˈloʊd/

     ... [ I ] informal

    to have food or drink, especially alcoholic drink, before doing something or going out somewhere:

    You've got to preload before you get to a bar because you can't drink once you go in. ...


     ... Abstract


    Preloading’ is a phenomenon where people drink alcohol at a private residence before going out. We aimed to identify whether preloading is a risk factor for alcohol-related emergency department attendance. We also wanted to identify where people became injured or unwell. ...


     ... This paper aims to report the occurrence of preloading within a Mackay sample; collected in early February of 2015. The report is based on a sub-study of ‘Smart Start - A Preloading Project’ which ran predominantly in the Brisbane CBD between August, 2014 to late February, 2015. Three sub-studies have been completed from the Smart Start project, including Gold Coast, Mackay, and Melbourne Cup. Generally, the aim of the Smart Start project is to assess: ...


     ... Recent research has highlighted the growing trend of alcohol preloading before a night out. We wished to look at people’s motivations for preloading, their estimation for drinking during the night, and assess the impact that preloading has on how inebriated people become across the night as measured by Breath Approximated blood Alcohol Content (BrAC)....

     ... We found that people were motivated to preload in order to save money and socialise, were likely to drink more than they predicted over the course of the night, and were more surprised by their alcohol reading the higher their BrAC; this trajectory displayed little difference between men and women. ...



    Legislation that does not specifically adapt to the cultural shift of preloading and take local conditions into account will be unsuccessful in reducing alcohol consumption. Such legislation is unlikely to meaningfully change assault rates in youth. ...

     ... Given our prediction, based on our theoretical rationale and the results of study 1 (that people would preload more following the new legislation), a one-tailed test was used to assess preloading. ...

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    Kontext/ Beispiele

    vorglühen (Deutsch)

    [2] figurativ, umgangssprachlich: sich mit Alkohol zu Hause in Stimmung bringen, bevor man feiern geht/ausgeht, um Kosten in einer teuren Bar/Diskothek zu sparen

    vorglühen – Wiktionary



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