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    Falscher Eintrag in LEO?

    rollator - der Rollator pl.: die Rollatoren

    Falscher Eintrag

    rollator Med. Amer. - der Rollator pl.: die Rollatoren


    rollator walker

    Med. Amer. -

    der Rollator pl.: die Rollatoren

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen


    Lack of balance can lead quickly to a lack of confidence, which might mean you stop getting out and about as much as you used to. Walking aids, whether a rollator, tri-walker or just a trusty walking stick, provide an invaluable helping hand for those unsteady on their feet. Rollators are the sturdiest of the bunch, with 4 rolling wheels as opposed to the 3 you will find on a tri-walker. They provide more points of contact with the ground and as such can support more weight as you walk."


    "This 2-in-1 rollator walker offers help with mobility. The rollator folds for storage or for transport and can be used to help walk or as a chair. If you are looking for a rollator walker like this, do not hesitate to place an order!"



    Just suggest removing the [Amer.] flag

    There are numerous discussions in the archives, e.g.

    related discussion: walker - Gehgestell

    and an old thread from 2014 has recently been exhumed

    related discussion: rolling walker - Gehwagen

    The term is not exclusively AE, it is quite commonly used in the UK as well.

    related discussion: Rollator - walker - #15

    Verfasser Marianne (BE) (237471)  27 Mai 23, 08:09

    Aktuell hat Leo diese Einträge dazu :

    Siehe Wörterbuch: rollator

     wheeled walking frame          der Rollator Pl.: die Rollatoren

    rollator (Amer.) [MED.]          der Rollator Pl.: die Rollatoren

    rollator walker (Amer.) [MED.]          der Rollator Pl.: die Rollatoren

    4-wheeled walker [MED.]          der Rollator Pl.: die Rollatoren

    walker [ugs.] [MED.]              der Rollator Pl.: die Rollatoren

    wheeled walker [MED.]          der Rollator Pl.: die Rollatoren

    #1Verfasserno me bré (700807) 27 Mai 23, 08:47

    @#1 ... and your point being?

    All I am asking for is the removal of the {Amer.] flags on these two entries.

    #2VerfasserMarianne (BE) (237471) 27 Mai 23, 20:29
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