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    rejig - die Neuordnung/Reorganisation/Umordnung/...

    New entry

    rejig - die Neuordnung/Reorganisation/Umordnung/...

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    rejig, n.

    Brit. Hear pronunciation

    /ˌriːˈdʒɪɡ/, U.S. Hear pronunciation


     Reorganization, rearrangement; an instance of this, a restructuring. Cf. reshuffle n.

    1965   New Statesman 23 Apr. 630/1  The Sunday Citizen, for all its admitted demerits (which may yet be rectified if still another accomplished effectively).

    1974   Guardian Weekly 10 Aug. 5/1  The idea of the late-night front page rejig is unknown.

    1983   Times 2 July 5/5  The great successes include..a courageous and fascinating rejig of ‘Wichita's’ complicated sonic montage.

    1997   Investors Chron. 19 Sept. 63/3  A rejig of its disparate businesses into a divisional structure should also help the workings of the group as a whole.

    2002   Empire Dec. 76/2  Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Carlyle's The 51st State finally makes it over to the US of A, with a little rejig.



    3. the act or process of rejigging

    My house needs a rejig – and so does my brain

    Hasenhüttl’s death-or-glory rejig revives Southampton’s menace

    Nigel Pearson’s plain speaking and tactical rejig reap rewards at Watford

    Empty seats leave Champions Cup licking its wounds and looking at rejig

    Index rejig prompts market wobble


    We've come from here related discussion: to rejig and .

    Rejig can be both a verb and a noun in British English. Here's my new entry suggestion for the verb: related discussion: to rejig - neu ordnen.

    This new entry is for the noun. There isn't so much dictionary evidence as for the verb, but plenty of evidence of it in use in the wild -- 3,000 search results from The Guardian. Very popular in newspaper headlines because it's a lot shorter than 'rearrangement' or 'reorganisation'!

    Again, the German side is just a starting point. Suggestions for improvements please!

    Author papousek (343122) 09 Jun 23, 12:38

    FWIW, Chambers bietet "rejigger" bzw. "rejigging" als Substantive :

     rejig verb

    1 to re-equip or refit (a factory, etc).

    2 to rearrange or reorganize something.

    noun the act of rejigging.

    rejigger noun.

    ETYMOLOGY: 1940s. ...

    #1Authorno me bré (700807) 09 Jun 23, 12:57
    I've never heard 'rejigger' either as a noun or a verb but the dictionary entries for the verb (see other thread) suggested 'rejigger' was the AE form. So perhaps that is true of the noun too. We need some Americans.

    Rejigging is an acceptable noun in the sense that most verbs can be used as nouns in their gerund form.

    I suspect that the expression 'act of....' is always followed by a gerund. 'Reorganisation' is the act of 'reorganising', for example. A 'rejig' is the act of 'rejigging'.

    My feeling is that a 'rejig' is the completed (or planned to be completed) action while rejigging implies the process of rejigging, much like 'reorganisation' and 'reorganising' (noun).

    The database needs a rejig
    The rejigging of the database is taking me longer than I thought
    #2Authorpapousek (343122) 10 Jun 23, 11:03
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt