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    Translation correct?

    sich um 180° drehen - to turn through 180°

    Source Language Term

    sich um 180° drehen


    to turn through 180°

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    While building the tube the animal frequently turned through 180° to face the other side.
    Den Ausdruck to turn through 180° habe ich aus einem Artikel von 1939. Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob er heute noch geläufig ist.
    Alternativ dazu könnte ich mir etwas mit "to turn around ??? 180°" vorstellen.
    Authormiri14 May 06, 13:27
    how about: to make a 180 degree turn
    #1Authorhic14 May 06, 15:48

    to turn 180°


    sich um 180° drehen

    Context/ examples
    He turned 180° to face the other side.

    Without the 'through' (although that may be AE?)

    "To make a 180° turn works" well as well, i.e. the animal frequently (regularly?) made a 180° turn to face the other way.
    #2AuthorJ14 May 06, 20:34
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