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    spin-off econ. - Ausgründung

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    econ. -


    Examples/ definitions with source references
    the distribution by a business to its stockholders of particular assets and especially of stock of another company; also : the new company created by such a distribution

    zur Produktionssteigerung der Aktiengesellschaft wurde eine selbständige Tochtergesellschaft ausgegründet;
    Ausgründung, die; -, -en

    AuthorTobi14 Apr 07, 22:15
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    spin-offder Nebeneffekt  pl.: die Nebeneffekte
    spin-off [COMM.]die Abspaltung  pl.: die Abspaltungen   - einer Gesellschaft
    spin-off [COMM.]die Ausgliederung  pl.: die Ausgliederungen
    spin-off [COMM.]Sonderform des MBO: Ausgliederung und Verselbständigung eines Unternehmensbereiches
    spin-off [COMM.]der Ableger  pl.: die Ableger   - einer Firma
    spin-off [COMM.]die Ausgründung  pl.: die Ausgründungen
    spin-off [COMM.]das Nebenprodukt  pl.: die Nebenprodukte

    spin-off, spin-off company


    die Ausgründung

    Au}s|grün|dung, die; -, -en: 1. das Ausgründen: Geplant sei, eine Beschäftigungsgesellschaft zu gründen, neue Geschäftsfelder zu erschließen ... Für die erste A. habe der Aufsichtsrat bereits »grünes Licht« signalisiert (SZ 23. 3. 99, 3). 2. ausgegründetes Unternehmen.
    © 2000 Dudenverlag

    au}s|grün|den (Wirtsch.): ein Unternehmen gründen durch Herausnahme u. Verselbstständigung eines Teiles einer bereits bestehenden größeren Firma: eine Tochtergesellschaft a.
    © 2000 Dudenverlag

    Die Ausgründung (Spin-off) beschreibt den Fall der Ausgliederung und Verselbstständigung eines Betriebsteils, der nicht, nicht mehr oder noch nicht zum aktuellen Kerngeschäft der Mutterunternehmung zählt, aber dennoch über vielversprechende Geschäftsperspektiven verfügt.,2...

    spin-off 2 a separate and partly independent company that is formed from parts of an existing company, or the action of forming a company in this way

    Spin-off A form of divestiture resulting in a subsidiary or division becoming an independent company. Ordinarily, shares in the new company are distributed to the parent company's shareholders on a pro rata basis.

    A Spin-off Company (or simply Spin-off) is a recently formed Company that derives a significant portion of its commercial operations from the application and/or use of a technology and/or expertise developed by or during a University research program. Spin-offs are frequently formed with the help of Organizations acting as interface between the University and Industries.

    . University scientists often set up their own spin-off companies, which provide revenue for the university through patents and employment

    Turnover from universities' commercial enterprises increased last year from £212m to £289m, and the number of people employed by spin-offs increased from 10,500 to 12,000

    die Firma Agra-Teg, eine Ausgründung von Wissenschaftlern der Universität Göttingen

    In den letzten 20 Jahren gab es allein etwa 800 Ausgründungen aus Forschungsprojekten.
    #1AuthorCM2DD (236324) 15 Feb 10, 18:32


    econ. -

    die Ausgründung

    spin-off company

    econ. -

    die Ausgründung

    to spin off

    econ. -


    Context/ examples
    1. Comm. A distribution of stock of a new company to shareholders of a parent company; a company so created.
    2. A by-product, an incidental development, side-effect, or benefit; the production or accrual of side-effects or indirect benefits; spec. (a) a business, organization, etc., developed out of or by (former) members of another larger business, etc.; (b) a show, television programme, etc., developed from an idea or character in another.
    15. to spin off: a. trans. To throw off by or as if by centrifugal force in spinning; freq. fig., esp. (a) U.S. Comm., to distribute (stock of a new company) to shareholders of a parent company; to create (a company) in this way; (b) to produce as a by-product, side-effect, or indirect benefit.
    1957 N.Y. Times 9 June F1/3 Right now, there is considerable speculation that du Pont will ‘spin off’ its G.M. stock{em}that is, give it to its own stockholders in the form of a dividend. 1959 Wall St. Jrnl. 20 May 1/5 A subsidiary set up in early 1950 to rent out space in an engineering firm's new building was spun off in December, 1954. 1964 Science 29 May 1113 The Systems Development Corporation (SDC) was ‘spun off’ by RAND in 1956 to help specifically with design and programming for the first computerized air defense system. 1969 Physics Bull. June 215/2 If..pulsars are neutron stars,..then these could rotate at up to 103 Hz; they would ‘spin off’ electrons (or plasma) which would be accelerated in the star's magnetic field. 1969 Wall St. Jrnl. 3 July 4/2 The publicly owned company then ‘spins off’ those shares to its holders, who, in turn, often sell the shares to other traders. 1972 Real Estate Rev. Winter 5/2 A black who has invested his savings in a commercial or residential venture is not parlay small investments into big ones by spinning them off through refinancing vehicles. 1972 Publishers Weekly 4 Dec. 35/1 From the file, the publisher can now produce updated editions with minimum effort, and can spin off subsidiary products as well. 1974 Nature 29 Mar. 459/2 Several papers have already been spun off from discussions and presentations at the CETI conference. 1977 Time 10 Jan. 47/3 Tandy Corp. has spun off most of its other businesses into separate companies chaired by Charles Tandy. 1979 Daily Tel. 15 Jan. 5/6 ‘Softly, Softly’ was spun off ‘Z Cars’ and no one complained about that.

    spin-off [comm.] --- der Ableger - einer Firma
    spin-off [comm.] --- die Abspaltung - einer Gesellschaft
    spin-off [comm.] --- die Ausgliederung

    spin-off der Nebeneffekt
    spin-off [comm.] die Nebenentwicklung
    spin-off [comm.] das Nebenprodukt

    to spin off [comm.] | spun, spun |--- ausgliedern - Tochtergesellschaft etc.
    to hive sth. ⇔ off [comm.]--- etw.Akk. ausgründen
    Unterstuetzt fuer beide Bedeutungen (siehe CM2DDs #1).

    Es lohnt sich vielleicht zum exisitierenden to spin off - ausgliedern und to hive off - ausgruenden auch das Verb to spin off - ausgruenden nachzutragen.
    #2AuthorMausling (384473) 15 Feb 10, 19:54
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