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    Translation correct?

    fault Fehler - make a fault ???

    Source Language Term

    fault Fehler


    make a fault ???

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    he realized that he made a fault

    which verb goes with fault??
    thanks for your help
    Authormoonflower16 Apr 07, 23:57
    A "fault" is - IME - a "defect", something that went wrong during production. When someone does something wrong, he/she simply "makes an error", although there are better words, "error" being very generic.

    "I made a typo here" - Tippfehler
    "I guess I did something silly when I cut the power" - etwas Dummes machen
    "I inserted this piece the wrong way" - verkehrtherum

    Back to the subject - "he realised he made an error."
    #1AuthorBen (.ch) (320541) 17 Apr 07, 00:14
    nur passivisch: he realised that a fault (had) occurred to him. Plusquamperfekt ist theoretisch richtig, praktisch hier wenig gebräuchlich.

    mit "error" ist auch geläufig: undergone an error.
    #2Authorreverend (314585) 17 Apr 07, 00:26
    ach so, die Frage war doch wahrscheinlich: wie übersetze ich "er merkte, dass er einen Fehler gemacht hatte"?

    He noticed he went wrong.
    #3Authorreverend (314585) 17 Apr 07, 00:27
    Moon and Rev, ich muss einige Verbesserungen vorschlagen.

    "Er machte einen Fehler" bedeutet: "He made a mistake" or "an error" (not: "he made a fault.")

    Nor does one say "a fault occurred to him" oder "undergo an error." Das ist nicht idiomtisches Englisch.

    "He noticed that he had gone wrong" waere u.U. moeglich, aber ungewoehnlich.

    Ben gibt drei nutzbare Beispiele.
    #4AuthorBob C. (254583) 17 Apr 07, 00:42
    Bob, I wouldn't object to any correction by a native speaker. Though my English grew into some international version over the years, British English still seems a more familiar option to me. Could it be that you judge my suggestions from an American point of view? These weren't constructed from dictionary entries but came naturally and sure were double-checked before offering them here. As a non-native I'd never be too sure anyway. "To make a mistake" was maybe too obvious and got swallowed by some blackout. Ben gives other examples, none of them answering the original question which seemed to be "what is >einen Fehler machen< in English"?

    Any UK help around?
    #5Authorreverend (314585) 17 Apr 07, 01:14
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