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    Translation correct?

    2.,erg. Aufl., 3.Ausg., Bonn 1987 - 2nd extended edition, 3rd reprint, Bonn 1987

    Source Language Term

    2.,erg. Aufl., 3.Ausg., Bonn 1987 lit.


    2nd extended edition, 3rd reprint, Bonn 1987

    I'm posting this as I've not been able to find a definitive explanation of these expressions as combined here.

    Liege ich richtig?

    Danke im voraus.

    AuthorAlan-A (237605) 18 May 07, 17:49
    Ausgabe ist eher issue.
    #1Authorholger (236115) 18 May 07, 17:51

    Not here. We're talking about a book, not a magazine.


    Not sure here, but I think that in this case it's the other way around, i.e. the "Ausgabe" is the edition, and the "Auflage" the reprint. My guess would be that this is a reprint of the 3rd edition with additional material. Would that make sense or am I completely wide of the mark?
    #2AuthorSteve18 May 07, 17:58
    Wobei bei einer ergänzten Neuauflage "Ausgabe" ja eigentlich wenig SInn ergibt, oder?
    #3Authorholger (236115) 18 May 07, 17:58

    Da sind wir einig
    #4AuthorSteve18 May 07, 17:59
    2nd complemented edition, 3rd issue, Bonn 1987
    #5AuthorHelmi (U.S.) (236620) 18 May 07, 18:01
    Ich nahm "reprint" aus meinem "Pons" - scheinbar das einziges Buch, das ich hier habe, dass sowas (i.e. an expression in addition to "edition") darin hat.
    Sie meinen, dass ich auch schreiben könnte:
    "2nd extended edition, 3rd issue, Bonn 1987"
    #6AuthorAlan-A (237605) 18 May 07, 18:04
    Holger, Steve,
    das Buch ist:
    Deutschland 1945. Vereinbarungen der Siegermächte, in: Seminarmaterial zur Deutschen Frage, hrsg. v. Gesamtdeutschen Institut, 2.,erg. Aufl., 3.Ausg., Bonn 1987.
    Man könnte hoffen, dass sie (sowie meine Authorin) ein wenig Ahnung haben).

    #7AuthorAlan-A (237605) 18 May 07, 18:13
    Holger, Steve, nehme meine Bemerkung über Ahnung zurück - ich bin mit der Reinfolgen hier durcheinander gekommen und habe Eure Beiträge falsch interpretiert.
    #8AuthorAlan-A (237605) 18 May 07, 18:19
    Alan-A, die vollständige bibliographische Angabe bringt auch mich dazu, 'Ausgabe' hier eher im Sinne von 'Lieferung' zu verstehen, also "issue" für gangbar zu halten.
    #9AuthorPeter <de> (236455) 18 May 07, 18:25
    und ich dachte, dass ein oder zwei Leute meine Lösung absegnen wurden, und dass das Thema dann abgehackt wäre.

    Wenn ich Euch richtig verstanden habe, auf alle Fälle, is folgendes richtig:
    - Aufl. > edition /edit.
    (da nur eine Edition ergänzt werden kann) &
    - Ausg. > reprint oder issue

    So, ich habe gerade bei Google nachgeschaut:
    - "edition, 2nd issue" > 581 hits,
    - "edition, 2nd reprint" > 280 hits.

    Aber, die "issues" sind meistens Bücher von vor 1900, mit ein Paar Platten & Landkarten in die erste 3 Seiten und die "reprints"fast alle Bücher ab 1900.

    So ich bleibe bei:
    - "2nd extended edition, 3rd reprint,"

    Danke an alle, für Eure Hilfe
    (man, that was a difficult birth)
    #10AuthorAlan-A (237605) 18 May 07, 19:16
    It should be 3rd printing, not "reprinting".
    #11Authorqwerty18 May 07, 19:29
    könnte printed/printing : reprinted/reprinting ein AE : BE ünterscheid?
    Penguin Books Ltd. (G.B.) - Reprinted 1978
    Collins (G.B.) Reprinted 1978
    New Riders (U.S.) First Printing: February 2000
    #12AuthorAlan-A (237605) 18 May 07, 21:25
    3rd printing = 2nd reprint
    #13Authorqwerty19 May 07, 13:53

    2nd extended edition, 2nd reprint, Bonn 1987


    2.,erg. Aufl., 3.Ausg., Bonn 1987

    langsam dämmerts bei mir was Du meinst
    3.Ausg., > 2nd reprint oder 3rd issue
    (langsam und deutlich ...)
    #14AuthorAlan-A (237605) 19 May 07, 21:29
    Shouldn't it be 'expanded' rather than 'extended'? The usual phrase that I'm familiar with is 'revised and expanded edition,' but I suppose you could have an expanded edition that wasn't otherwise revised, for example, if the author added another chapter or an appendix at the end but didn't change anything in the rest of the text.

    Again, if it's a book, it may be the 3rd printing (the content of each printing is the same), not the 3rd issue (the content of each issue is different, as in a magazine or a series of books. But in that case, the issues would probably have numbers, and you would identify them by volume number and issue number.)

    Since additional printings don't affect the content, and a popular book may go through 10 or 20 printings, it isn't usually necessary even to mention that in a footnote. Which printing it is would only be relevant to booksellers and book collectors, if, say, one printing was rarer than another.

    A reprint is slightly different, usually an edition by a different publisher. You do mention that in a footnote, usually giving only the date of the original edition, followed by the rest of the publishing information about the reprint. There are too many detailed options to cite here; see the Chicago Manual 17.123-127 (pp. 679-81).

    From the book publisher's point of view, the Chicago Manual (1.22, p. 10) says that you should call it a new impression (which I take to be the same as 'printing') or reissue if nothing has been changed except to correct typos and add something short like a preface or afterword. You can call it a new or revised edition if 20% or more of the text consists or new or revised material, or if it's reissued in a new format or under the imprint of a different publisher.
    #15Authorhm -- us (236141) 19 May 07, 22:18
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