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    predaceous biol. - räuberisch

    Merriam Webster:
    Main Entry: pre·da·ceous
    Variant(s): or pre·da·cious /pri-'dA-sh&s/
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Latin praedari to prey upon (from praeda prey) + English -aceous or -acious (as in rapacious) -- more at PREY
    1 : living by preying on other animals : PREDATORY
    2 usually predacious : tending to devour or despoil

    The predaceous diving beetles (family Dytiscidae) are a large group, widespread...
    .for members of the family Belonidae, which comprises 50 species of elongated, surface-swimming predaceous fish abundant in warm seas.

    predacious, predaceous
    a. pertaining to preying; living on prey. predacity, n.

    als Ergänzung zu predacious, was schon in Leo geführt ist

    Evtl. können Natives etwas zur Verbreitung der beiden Schreibweisen sagen?
    AuthorLorelai (de)01 Mar 06, 13:37
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    predatory  adj.räuberisch
    predacious   or: predaceous  adj.räuberisch
    predatorily  adv.räuberisch
    raptorial  adj.räuberisch
    predacious   or: predaceous  adj.vom Raub lebend
    extortionate robberyräuberische Erpressung
    Ergebnisse aus dem Forum
    the flag [biol.] I consider misleading - the term is not specially used just here.

    predacious I consider by far the most common spelling, in my experience, but predaceous does exist (though it is the second choice of all online dictionaries consulted that had the alternative at all)
    Googling has a different picture with the -eous version getting double the hits of the -ious version - though many of these are dictionary entries of the type "difficult words"

    On the other hand, there appears to be a preference for the -ious form in GB, here the relationships are switched

    what to flag it?
    I'd say either not at all, or [alternative spelling]
    and don't consider it worthy of its own entry

    supported as an addition, not as an entry in its own right
    #1Authorodondon irl01 Mar 06, 14:00
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