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    in behalf of - im Interesse von

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    in behalf of - im Interesse von

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    on behalf of


    im Namen von

    in behalf of sb

    in sb’s behalf (US) in order to help sb: We collected money in behalf of the homeless.

    in behalf of
    For the benefit of; in the interest of.
    on behalf of
    As the agent of; on the part of.
    in behalf of
    For the benefit of; in the interest of.
    on behalf of
    As the agent of; on the part of.

    Die beiden Redewendungen sind nicht synonym zu verwenden, wobei in behalf of in leo nicht aufgeführt wird. Denn im Namen von und im Interesse von bedeutet ist im Deutschen nicht dasselbe. Folgendes Beispiel soll den Unterschied verdeutlichen:

    We raised money in behalf of the earthquake victims.
    The guardian signed the contract on behalf of the minor child.
    AuthorDA17 Mar 06, 16:24
    Andere Ansicht wäre hier:

    in behalf of

    1. Also, on behalf of.For someone else, as someone's agent or representative. For example, In behalf of the board, I want to thank you for your help, or Joan was speaking on behalf of the entire staff. [c. 1300]
    2. For someone's benefit or interest, as in He was collecting the dues in my behalf. [Late 1500s] Some authorities insist that in behalf of be used only to mean “for someone's benefit” and on behalf of only to mean “as someone's agent.” In practice, however, the terms are so often used interchangeably that this distinction no longer has a basis.

    In Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary werden diese beiden Ausdrücke synonym verwendet, wobei in behalf of als US gekennzeichnet ist.

    Any native speakers?
    #1AuthorDA17 Mar 06, 17:12
    m-w also give IN behalf of as well as On behalf of
    I can honestly say that I have never heard IN behalf of used, at least not consciously.
    native speaker (Canada)
    #2AuthorRES-can17 Mar 06, 19:23
    Comments from other native speakers?
    #3AuthorDoris (LEO-Team) (33) 20 Dec 06, 09:53
    agree with RES-Can - I would only use "on" and if you compare "in" and "on" on only UK sites the overwhelming majority is for on - in fact some sites suggest it is a mistake often made by people of East European origin (the "in" instead of "on")!!

    The Oxford English Dict. says
    Behalf - on (or esp. US in) behalf of (or on a person's behalf)

    - not making any difference as stated by DA
    so maybe "in" should be marked US and "on" BE - any natives from over the pond care to comment??
    #4AuthorConfused GB (268858) 20 Dec 06, 14:52
    Ich denke nicht, dass der Gebrauch mit "on" als "BE" markiert werden sollte.

    In meinen 5 Jahren in den USA (Michigan) ist mir "on behalf of" relativ häufig untergekommen, "in behalf of" hingegen nie.

    Was natürlich Nichts darüber aussagt, ob letztere Variante in den USA verbreitet ist oder nicht - auf jeden Fall aber belegt, dass erstere ("on...") in den USA zumindest auch verbreitet ist und zumindest im Großraum Detroit häufiger verwendet wird.

    Also: vielleicht "in" mit "US" markieren
    "on" ist aber auf jeden Fall "US" und "BE" (also nicht markieren).
    #5AuthorUlrich05 (236177) 20 Dec 06, 15:55
    "in behalf of" sounds wrong to me and looks like a typo.
    #6AuthorJM usa20 Dec 06, 16:11
    "in someone's behalf" would not shock my ears the same way
    "in behalf of" would.
    Please see the link below.
    in someone's behalf seems to be used in a slightly different context

    other than this specific meaning, I would stick to "on behalf of"
    #7AuthorRES-can20 Dec 06, 16:15
    another vote in favor of 'on behalf of' and suspicious of 'in behalf of'
    cast on behalf of native speakers of AE
    who've never heard or read the phrase 'in behalf of'
    #8AuthorLouise20 Dec 06, 19:50
    And another BE vote for "on behalf of"
    - I would take my red pen to "in behalf of"
    #9AuthorMarianne (BE) (237471) 20 Dec 06, 22:59
    Just to echo what has already been said- I have never heard "in behalf" used in BE.

    Since some dictionaries have been quoted which seem to have entries for "in behalf", it appears to be a term that is used somewhere (US?), but it should be flagged accordingly.

    To my ears it just sounds wrong.
    #10AuthorRichard (236495) 21 Dec 06, 00:08
    >>I can honestly say that I have never heard IN behalf of used, at least not consciously.
    —RES-can #2 (and everyone else)

    Ditto. That is, I have never heard anyone use it when unconscious either. (-;

    For my money, 'on' is the standard preposition; 'in' may well be dated or outdated.

    So far the native speakers seem to be surprisingly unanimous, on both sides of the pond. Should we mark this one down for the record books? (-;
    #11Authorhm -- us (236141) 21 Dec 06, 07:37
    habe nach 30 jahren in den staaten auch noch nie "in behalf of" gehoert...sorry..nur "on behalf"...aber kann natuerlich nicht schwoeren dass es nicht existiert....gruebel
    #12AuthorMoniMaus (271877) 21 Dec 06, 14:33
    Another US vote against in behalf. I only opened the thread because I wondered what support the poster might have brought on its behalf, since it sounds so wrong.
    #15AuthorSelkie unplugged11 Jan 07, 18:06
    For what it may be worth here's what Bill Bryson has to say to this in "Troublesome Words":

    "behalf. A useful distinction exists between ON BEHALF IF and IN BEHALF OF. The first means acting as a representative, as when a lawyer enters a plea on behalf of a client, and often denotes a formal relationship. IN BEHALF OF indicates a closer or more sympathetic role and means acting as a friend or defender.

    'I spoke on your behalf' means that I represented you when you were absent. 'I spoke in your behalf' means that I supported you or defended you.

    I don't know whether any of you can or want to support his view. I merely state the fact that he wrote somethhing about this.
    #16AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 14 Jan 07, 20:48
    Context/ examples
    (1) "Mr Jones, MP for Rochdale, introduced a resolution on behalf of the factory workers."


    (2) "Mr Jones, MP for Rochdale, introduced a resolution in behalf of the factory workers."
    On behalf of when a person acts instead of someone else, in behalf of when a person does something for the benefit of someone (or something) else.

    In (1), Mr Jones has presumably been commissioned to introduce the resolution. In (2), Mr Jones may have acted not responsively but independently in introducing the resolution, which he thinks will benefit the factory workers.
    In both cases, Jones' introduction of the resolution is designed to benefit the factory workers, the use of on or in(behalf of) is determined by wether Jones' action followed a request or whether he acted of his own volition.
    #17Authorlike (320452) 19 Apr 10, 15:44
    Ich habe zwar keinen Übersetzungsvorschlag, aber ich habe einen Text vorliegen, in dem "in behalf of" vorkommt. Es handelt sich dabei um die "Petition of the Seven Bishops", 1688. Der vollständige Satz lautet:

    [...] The humble petition of William, archbishop of Canterbury, and divers of the suffragan bishop of that providence now present with him, IN BEHALF OF themselves and other of their absent brethren, and of the clergy of their respective dioceses, humbly sheweth, that the great averseness they find in themselves to the distributing [etc.]
    #18AuthorMarcel L05 Dec 10, 20:02
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