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    hole-in-the-wall - Geldautomat, Bankomat

    New entry

    hole-in-the-wall Brit. coll. - Geldautomat, Bankomat

    From the BBC-homepage "learning english":
    Hole-in-the-wall is one of those phrases where you get a lot of words hyphenated, if you wrote it down: hole-in-the-wall, being used as a single word, as a noun. "'I'm going to the hole-in-the-wall"' you might say or "'I'm getting some money out of the hole-in-the-wall"'. Well you can see what it means, it means an automatic cash dispenser - one of those installed in the outside wall of a bank or some other money-giving organisation
    Should be entered to the LEO Dictonary
    AuthorRolf Heeg18 May 06, 12:20
    see   related discussion:Geldautomat -- hole in the wall (BE)
    #1AuthorMarkus<de>18 May 06, 12:22
    #2AuthorJalapeno18 May 06, 12:24
    *Jalapenoeinelangenasemach* :-))))))
    #3AuthorMarkus<de>18 May 06, 12:25
    Hihi, *dielängstenasemachweilderlinknichttfunktioniert*:

    #4AuthorPoppidirk18 May 06, 12:27
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