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    indented marking - Tiefprägung

    New entry

    indented marking engin. - Tiefprägung

    The cable shall be labled by indented marking. Embossed marking is also applicable.
    7 years in international cable business are regarded to be a sufficient reference.

    My proposal is to add "embossed marking" = "Hochprägung, erhabene Prägung" to LEO as well.
    AuthorKabelmonster24 May 06, 07:57
    Wir müssen die Regeln ändern!
    "Bitte belegen Sie Ihren Vorschlag mit Wörterbuchdefinitionen oder Kontextbeispielen. Hier ein paar Links zu kostenlos verfügbaren Online-Wörterbüchern:

    Merriam-Webster Online
    Bartleby Collection of various online references including American Heritage Dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus, Columbia Encyclopedia, King James Bible, etc.
    OALD Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
    CALD Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary Bertelsmann/Wahrig 'Wörterbuch Deutsche Sprache' bzw. 'Die deutsche Rechtschreibung'
    DWDS Das digitale Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache des 20. Jahrhunderts"

    Ersatzweise gelten auch mindestens 7 Jahre Berufserfahrung im internationalen Kabelgeschäft als ausreichende Evidenz (bitte Arbeitszeugnisse beilegen).

    #1AuthortreviNN24 May 06, 08:19
    Please send me your fax-number or mail address
    #2AuthorKabelmonster09 Jun 06, 15:51

    the works you mention will not necessarily give you specialist knowledge... also lingo often moves much faster than people update their respective opus. usage is another nut to crack.

    that is just by the way.
    #3Authornoli09 Jun 06, 16:40
    here is an example:

    antigriddle n. A cooktop that uses a -30°F surface to quickly freeze foods. Also: anti-griddle.

    do you have antigriddle in any of your dictionaries?
    #4Authornoli09 Jun 06, 16:43
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