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    frothy - frivol

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    Playfully frivolous in character or content: a frothy French farce.

    Beschreibung von DVD Hotel Babylon:
    "hilarious, cheeky, frothy, high-gloss drama"
    AuthorHildi27 Nov 07, 10:03
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    saucy  adj.frivol
    salacious  adj.frivol
    frivolously  adv.frivol
    flippant  adj.frivol
    frothy glass   - e.g. pumicedas Schaumglas  pl.
    frothy amber [GEOL.]der Schaumbernstein  no plural
    frothy glass   - e.g. pumice [TECH.]der Glasschaum  pl.: die Glasschäume




    Context/ examples
    His musical sense of humour, all too seldom given full rein, is here at its frothiest, and liberally spiced with dry Gallic wit.
    Rodney Milnes on Massenet's Opera "Cendrillon"
    Scheint viel im Zusammenhang mit franz. Kultur aufzutreten.
    #1AuthorQuoth11 Jan 08, 12:31




    Context/ examples

    Sometimes, they make their vows at big rallies featuring Christian pop stars and laser light shows, or at purity balls, where girls in frothy dresses exchange rings with their fathers, who vow to help them remain virgins until the day they marry.
     Ohne jemals eine solche Show gesehen zu haben, kann ich mir aufgrund der amerikanischen Doppelmoral und dem dortigen Hang zu Fernsehglamour gut vorstellen, daß diese Art von Kleid mit "frivol" treffend übersetzt ist.
    #2Authort'chi04 Nov 08, 11:23
    Context/ examples
    frothy adj.
    1 (of liquids) having a mass of small bubbles on the surface: frothy coffee * a frothy mixture of eggs and milk * Add the eggs and beat until frothy.
    2 seeming attractive and enjoyable but having no real value: frothy romantic novels
    3 (of clothes or cloth) light and delicate: a frothy pink dress

    froth·y (frôÆth", frothÆ"), adj., froth·i·er, froth·i·est.
    1.of, like, or having froth; foamy.
    2.unsubstantial; trifling; shallow; empty.
    [Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary]
    Ich kann die Bedeutung 'frivol' bislang keiner Definition für "frothy" in meinen einsprachigen Wörterbüchern entnehmen.
    #3AuthorDoris (LEO-Team) (33) 04 Nov 08, 11:50
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