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    leadfoot autom. - Bleifuß

    Authorspeedy01 Mar 04, 15:32
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    leadfoot [fig.]der Bleifuß  pl.
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    Fuer mich klingt "leadfoot" geradezu grauenhaft nach Germanismus, ich lasse mich aber gerne von native speakern korrigieren.
    #1AuthorAGB01 Mar 04, 15:50
    Blei|fuß, der: meist in der Wendung mit B. fahren (ugs.; ständig mit Vollgas fahren).

    lead·foot, n. Informal.
    a person who drives a motor vehicle too fast, esp. habitually.

    Found in: Random House Webster's Unabridged

    Is this a common expression or just a dictionary word? I couldn't find it in any other online reference.
    #2AuthorDoris (LEO-Team)29 Sep 04, 12:37
    @Doris: i've just called an Australian friend of mine, since i'm unaware of the usage in BE of lead-foot, and would have considered it a Germanism myseld, and he confirms it as being in normal usage in AusE -

    so it appears to be in (regional?) usage

    perhaps other native speakers (CanE, AE, BE, and so on) could give some feedback here?
    #3Authorodondon irl29 Sep 04, 12:44
    Context/ examples
    "A lead foot can lead to a lighter wallet: 90 Percent of Drivers Surveyed Admit to Speeding; Tickets Can Increase Auto Insurance Rates By As Much As 25 Percent Or More. MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio — March 1, 2004"

    "Speeding ticket advice: ... You’re caught and you didn’t even know you were speeding. ... 4. Use your cruise control to lock you into the speed limit and keep that lead foot in check. ..."

    "Lead-foot drivers to help fill coffers. ... Massachusetts drivers caught speeding will notice an additional $25 surcharge on all tickets starting this month"

    "Leadfoot drivers back speed cameras" 2003/04/22/1050777256440.html

    "Bob had always toldher that her leadfoot was going to get her into trouble ... She smiled up at him and readily admitted to himthat she knew she was speeding."
    Plenty of examples of "lead foot", "lead-foot" and "leadfoot" -- above just a few
    #4AuthorGhol ‹GB›29 Sep 04, 13:20
    Context/ examples
    The Macquarie Dictionary. © 2003 Macquarie University, 2003 Macquarie Library Pty Ltd (online edition).
    // (say 'ledfoot) noun Colloquial a driver who is given to heavy use of the accelerator pedal and to high-speed driving. [LEAD2 + FOOT]

    Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English, © 2003 Lexico Publishing Group, LLC
    Main Entry: lead foot
    Definition: tendency to drive too fast; this habit or practice

    Lighter, Historical Dictionary of American Slang:
    leadfoot n. 1. a motor vehicle driver who habitually drives fast. Hence lead-footed, adj. given to speeding. Hence leadfoot, v., to drive fast.
    1938 in AS (Apr. 1942) 104: Lead Foot stepping on the gas
    1991 DayWatch (CNN-TV) (Dec. 20): Efforts to crack down on lead-footed police.

    The Canadian Oxford Dictionary
    lead foot n. N Americ. informal the prectice of driving too quickly, esp. habitually (drives with a lead foot).
    lead-footed adj. N Americ.
    1. slow or sluggish (a lead-footed skater).
    2. tending to drive too quickly (a lead-footed driver).
    Das Wort ist zumindenstens fuer US, Australien, und Canada belegt. Ich habe keine Wörterbuchbelege für UK, Neuseeland, Südafrika, oder Indien gefunden.
    #5AuthorNorbert Juffa29 Sep 04, 18:50

    driving with one's foot down to the floor


    mit Bleifuß fahren

    Oxford Duden
    #6AuthorByrdy29 Sep 04, 19:14
    leadfoot (n.) is definitely used in AE.
    Related: [put the] pedal to the metal (step on the gas, all the way down)
    #7AuthorPeter <us>02 Oct 04, 11:37
    Context/ examples
    Mit „Fuß vom Gas“ kein „Blei-Fuß“ mehr

    Taking your “foot off the accelerator” to stop putting the “pedal to the metal”

    Taking your “foot off the accelerator” to avoid being a “leadfoot”

    Taking your “foot off the accelerator” to “go easy on the gas”
    I'm certainly not familiar with "leadfoot", although I remember "put your pedal to the metal" occurring in some lyrics of a song that I believe was American. How would you guys deal with the above?
    #8AuthorDW (EN) (241915) 05 May 08, 11:53
    Context/ examples
    Not that it is terribly relevant, but this was the song I was thinking of...
    #9AuthorDW (EN) (241915) 05 May 08, 12:14
    Context/ examples
    Although these lyrics look more familiar. I'm not sure that other page was right.
    #10AuthorDW (EN) (241915) 05 May 08, 12:16
    Lead foot/leadfoot is common in AE, too.

    Not totally on topic, but some might enjoy this.

    You're the first person to be put on the FBI's most wanted list just for speeding.

    Your friends car pool with you not to save gas but to save time.

    You need three states just to go on a joy ride.

    You have a suspended drivers license in all 50 states.

    When you stop you leave a mile long skid mark.

    You married your wife because she had a corvette.

    Your bumper sticker says, "My other car is even faster."

    You get blisters from your gas pedal.

    Your car won't start unless it has 110 octane gas in it.

    You get pulled over even when your not speeding just to get a warning not to speed.

    You always leave at the last minute but you're never late.

    Your friends leave a hour before you do just so you can meet them at the same time.

    You don't wear a seatbelt, you wear a crash helmet.

    Your speed gauge is stuck in the max speed position.

    You can go through three drive thrus at the same time.

    There's a radar detector named after you.

    #11AuthorRobert -- US (328606) 05 May 08, 12:23
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