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    whizz - das Geschäft (pinkeln)

    New entry

    whizz - das Geschäft (pinkeln)

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    take a whizz - ein Geschäft erledigen
    the noun is whiz, which means piss
    AuthorKamax17 Mar 05, 11:46

    take a whiz(z) [infml.][sl.]


    pissen (gehen)

    Ich denke nicht, dass "sein Geschäft erledigen" die adäquate Übersetzung ist.
    Die wenigen Eintragungen, die ich in Wöterbüchern finde konnte, kennzeichnen "take a whiz(z)" als slang, vulgar, informal und offensive.


    5. intransitive verb offensive term: an offensive term meaning to urinate ( slang )

    IDIOM:take a whiz Vulgar Slang To urinate.

    Von daher denke ich, dass "pissen (gehen)" eher das passende Register ist.
    #1AuthorNicole I.(DE)17 Mar 05, 12:45
    Context/ examples
    Dip, dip, dip
    In the whizz, whizz, whizz
    In the water, in the water
    Jetzt weiß ich endlich, was es mit diesem alten Otto-Waalkes-Sketch auf sich hat, der mit dem englischen Waschmittelvertreter auf sich hat (s. o.). :-)
    #2AuthorDomulti17 Mar 05, 20:03
    More variants of the word:
    wizz - as popular as whizz

    wazz - UK only, it seems
    Gets a mention at
    #3AuthorPaul <uk>18 Mar 05, 15:47
    AFAIK the only correct AE spelling of the word, in whatever context, is 'whiz.' However, 'whizz' seems to be an accepted BE spelling.

    But beyond those two, I think we should draw the line. LEO doesn't really need to list common misspellings as variants, since it has the handy algorithm that points users to similar words anyway.

    In particular, I would strongly advise against *'wizz,' which is exactly the kind of misspelling perpetrated by people who can't (or can't be bothered to) distinguish phonetically between minimal pairs such as which/witch, whether/weather, or where/wear. Granted, there are a lot of them out there, but they shouldn't be allowed to influence dictionaries. The sound /hw/ is really not that hard to make, and there's no reason to discard it, since it serves a useful function in the language.
    #4Authorhm -- us19 Mar 05, 06:58
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