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    incendive Elek. - zündfähig

    According to Jonassen (http://www.ce-mag.com/archive/1999/novdec/mrs...), an incendive discharge (of static electricity) is one capable of igniting an explosive mixture and thus causing an explosion.
    VerfasserStewart Lindemann01 Jun. 05, 11:48
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    ignitable  Adj.zündfähig
    flammable  Adj.zündfähig
    ignitible  Adj.zündfähig
    explosive mixturezündfähiges Gemisch
    ignition-capable apparatus [Abk.: ICA] [ELEKT.]zündfähiges Teil
    most incendive mixture [ELEKT.]zünddurchschlagfähigstes Gemisch
    nonincendiveAE component [ELEKT.]
    non-incendiveBE component [ELEKT.]
    nichtzündfähiges Bauteil
    Sorry, aber deine Quelle scheint ihre Rechtschreibung nicht zu beherrschen. Ich gehe mal ganz schwer davon aus, dass "incentive" gemeint ist, oder?
    #1Verfasserpuffin01 Jun. 05, 11:53




    I support puffin in maintaining that 'incendive' is probably wrong. AHD doesn't recognise it.

    what *is* meant, imo, is more likely to be 'incendiary'
    1a. Causing or capable of causing fire. b. Of or containing chemicals that produce intensely hot fire when exploded: an incendiary bomb. c. Of or involving arson. 2. Tending to inflame; inflammatory: an incendiary speech.

    #2Verfasserodondon irl01 Jun. 05, 12:05




    There are 403 hits for "incendive" on UK sites, mainly concerned with static electricity, including reputable ones such as a publication by English writers at the University of Southampton called "Incendive Sparks Originating from Charged Water Mists" http://eprints.ecs.soton.ac.uk/5855/ or this, from the UK's Health and Safety Executive: "this can subsequently cause an incendive discharge when they make contact with the nozzle again to complete the transaction. " http://www.hse.gov.uk/lau/lacs/65-59a.htm

    Here's a googlefight for "incendiary discharge" and "incendive discharge" on UK sites: http://www.googlefight.com/index.php?lang=en_..."incendiary+discharge"+site:uk&word2="incendive+discharge"+site:uk
    #3VerfasserArchfarchnad -gb-01 Jun. 05, 12:44
    huh, the googlefight doesn't seem to work with "site:uk" - if you google properly you get 8 hits for "incendive discharge" and 0 for "incendiary discharge" on site:uk.
    #4VerfasserArchfarchnad -gb-01 Jun. 05, 12:46
    @ Archfarchnad -gb-
    incendive is not recognised by AHD; Chambers; or Cambridge online.

    the fight you mentioned gets a proportion of about 5:1 in favour of incendiary
    change this to just incendiary v. incendive and the ratio is 60:1, go for incendiary static v. incendive static and it's 40:1

    pure googling for incendive discharge gets 28 hits on my attempt, and 32 for incendiary.

    perhaps there is a specialist usage of incendive for static electricity contexts, but it has, from a lexicographical point of view, not yet succeeded in becoming accepted English.
    #5Verfasserodondon irl01 Jun. 05, 12:59
    in'cendive a., of or pertaining to incendivity; capable of effecting ignition.

    [Source: Oxford English Dictionary 2nd. Edition]
    #6VerfasserDoris (LEO-Team)01 Jun. 05, 14:42
    @ all - I stand corrected - thanks, Doris.
    #7Verfasserodondon irl01 Jun. 05, 14:44
    Accepting that incendive is a legitimate word (see, for example

    http://www.msha.gov/century/rescue/rstart.asp )

    I still have to ask whether "zündfähig" is the correct translation.

    Incendive clearly refers to the initial input of energy that is sufficient to ingnite something, whereas it seems to me (but I'm not a Muttersprachler) that zündfähig refers to the material that can ignite. Taking a specific example, it's the spark that's incendive, but is it not the gas/air mixture that is zündfähig?
    #8VerfasserBob (GB)01 Jun. 05, 15:27


    Elek. -


    Kontext/ Beispiele
    I was quite surprised by the number of responses in such a short time.

    Referring to Bob (GB), I most certainly agree that "zündfähig" (explosive is what my dad, an oil industry safety officer, said) is used to describe mixtures of gases.

    But the Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut also uses the word "zündfähig" to describe the spark itself: "Die Hauptgefahr elektrostatischer Aufladungen in Ex-Bereichen liegt in energiereichen und somit zündfähigen Entladungen (Funken- oder Büschelentladungen)."
    #9VerfasserStewart Lindemann02 Jun. 05, 14:46



    zündfähig (in der Lage, Zündung auszulösen)

    Auch wenn zündfähig in der Regel auf Mischungen angewendet wird, die sich entzünden können, finden sich Gugel Treffer für "Zündfähigkeit" im Sinne von in der Lage, eine Zündung auszulösen z.B. bei der physikalisch-technischen Bundesanstalt oder dem Österreichschen Normungsinstitut.

    Der Begriff scheint nicht auf Elektrostatisches beschränkt zu sein, es findet sich auch die Zündfähigkeit von Herdplatten oder Zündschnüren.
    #10VerfasserCJ de02 Jun. 05, 15:23
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