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    to raven - verschlingen

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    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Cassell's German Dictionary:
    ²raven, I. v.i. 1. rauben, plündern, Beute machen; 2. gierig sein, lechzen, dürsten, Heißhunger haben (for, nach). II. v.t. gierig (fr)essen, verschlingen

    Langenscheidt, Der große Muret-Sanders:
    raven² I v/i 1. rauben, plündern, Beute machen: to ~ about beutemachend od. plündernd umherstreifen; to ~ after prey auf Beute ausgehen. -- 2. gierig (fr)essen. -- 3. Heißhunger haben. -- 4. gierig sein, lechzen, dürsten (for nach). II v/t 5. gierig (fr)essen, verschlingen. -- 6. obs. erbeuten, rauben. -- III s 7. Raub m, Plünderung f. -- 9. Beute f, Raub m.
    Main Entry: 4rav·en
    Variant(s): also rav·in avn
    Function: verb
    Inflected Form(s): ravened; ravened; ravening; ravens
    Etymology: Middle French raviner to rush forward, take by force, ravish, from ravine rapine, impetuosity, rush -- more at RAVINE
    transitive verb
    1 obsolete : to obtain or seize by violence
    2 : to devour eagerly or greedily : consume wholly <like rats that raven down their proper bane -- Shakespeare>
    intransitive verb : to prey or plunder with rapacity : prowl after or devour prey : feed greedily : be or become ravenous or consuming <shall raven as a wolf -- Gen 49:27 (Authorized Version)>

    The Macquarie Dictionary:
    verb (i) Obsolete 1. to seek plunder or prey. 2. to eat or feed voraciously or greedily. 3. to have a ravenous appetite.
    --verb (t) 4. to seize as spoil or prey. 5. to devour voraciously.
    --noun 6. rapine; robbery. 7. plunder or prey. Also, ravin. [Middle English ravine, from French, from Latin rapina RAPINE]
    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
    v. rav·ened, rav·en·ing, rav·ens
    v. tr.
    1. To consume greedily; devour.
    2. To seek or seize as prey or plunder.
    v. intr.
    1. To seek or seize prey or plunder.
    2. To eat ravenously.
    Variant of ravin.
    [From Middle English ravin, raven, rapine, plunder, prey. See ravin.]
    AuthorNorbert Juffa02 Jul 05, 17:34
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