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    Translation correct?

    kinda tough that way - ein bisschen empfindlich in dieser Hinsicht

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    kinda tough that way


    ein bisschen empfindlich in dieser Hinsicht

    I like "Over The Hedge" most of all the unitedmedia cartoons.
    Although I feel the joke in today's cartoon, I am not too certain about my translation into the German language.

    For those, who do not care to go back to the beginning of the current storyline: Verne, the turtle, complained to Disney that the animal which starred in their latest movie was (once more) a bear, and (again) not a turtle.
    see Leos live in Nuremberg, Germany.
    On Nov, 29, 17:30 UTC:
    AuthorMichael Uplawski12 Nov 03, 22:40
    your translation is correct - but the original says TOUCHY - not tough....
    #1Authorvi12 Nov 03, 22:51
    I read "touchy" but reproduced the line incorrectly.

    The forum didn't let me in, in time, to post the correction. That's one reason, why I do not use it as often, as I would like to. :-(

    Thanks for your confirmation.
    #2AuthorMichael Uplawski12 Nov 03, 22:59
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