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    bear in mind


    borne in mind

    Ist das die korrekte Vergangenheitsform? Wenn nicht, wie lautet diese?
    Authorweeny30 Jun 04, 12:01
    i bore it in mind
    i bear it in mind
    i will bear it in mind
    #1Authorodondon irl30 Jun 04, 12:17
    odondon irl: Nope!
    To be borne in mind
    #2Authorrob30 Jun 04, 12:20




    Context/ examples
    und im Passiv?
    It should be borne in mind; richtig?
    #3Authorweeny30 Jun 04, 12:22
    weeny: Exactly!
    #4Authorrob30 Jun 04, 12:25
    rob: thanks! : D
    #5Authorweeny30 Jun 04, 12:27
    bear1 ( P ) Pronunciation Key (bâr)
    v. bore, (bôr, br) borne, (bôrn, brn) or born (bôrn) bear·ing, bears
    v. tr.
    To hold up; support.
    To carry from one place to another; transport.
    To carry in the mind; harbor: bear a grudge.
    To transmit at large; relate: bearing glad tidings.
    To have as a visible characteristic: bore a scar on the left arm.
    To have as a quality; exhibit: “A thousand different shapes it bears” (Abraham Cowley).
    To carry (oneself) in a specified way; conduct: She bore herself with dignity.
    To be accountable for; assume: bearing heavy responsibilities.
    To have a tolerance for; endure: couldn't bear his lying.
    To call for; warrant: This case bears investigation.
    To give birth to: bore six children in five years.
    To produce; yield: plants bearing flowers.
    To offer; render: I will bear witness to the deed.
    To move by or as if by steady pressure; push: “boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past” (F. Scott Fitzgerald).

    v. intr.
    To yield fruit; produce: peach trees that bear every summer.
    To have relevance; apply: They studied the ways in which the relativity theory bears on the history of science.
    To exert pressure, force, or influence.

    To force oneself along; forge.
    To endure something with tolerance and patience: Bear with me while I explain matters.
    To extend or proceed in a specified direction: The road bears to the right at the bottom of the hill.
    it was borne in mind/ i have borne it in mind since...

    sorry about that
    #6Authorodondon irl30 Jun 04, 12:30
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