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    Klima Schutz


    climate change

    Ive never really come across of "climate protection" in newspapers. So I reckon to use climate change instead?
    AuthorLinn22 Jul 05, 12:37

    climate protection



    Make that one word, please: Klimaschutz.

    You could have looked up "Schutz" in the LEO dictionary to find out that it has nothing to do with change.
    #1AuthorWerner22 Jul 05, 12:40
    I reckon you shouldn't.

    Klimaschutz pertains to protection of the climate

    climate change is something else
    of course, the Kyoto Global Climate Conference was concerned with 'global warming and climate change' and what to do about it, and this was translated into German as Klimaschutz

    so if you want to stick with climate change, I'd recommend you qualifying it in some fashion to make clear that Klimaschutz is about more than just a changing climate...
    #2Authorodondon irl22 Jul 05, 12:41




    climate change does not fit.
    in fact, "klimaschutz"-measures are meant to prevent a change in climate.
    perhaps one could use a phrase until the expression can stand for itself.
    so, if "climate protection" is not clear enough, iŽd say "environmental protection with emphasis put on climate".

    sorry for answering fuzzy, itŽs that i canŽt look up anything right now besides in leo :)
    #3Authorgmk22 Jul 05, 12:48
    Werner , you didn't read my comment, did you? And besides suggesting to write Klimaschutz in one word, your post didn't help me.

    Leo suggests climate protection which i find awkward. No newspaper, whatsoever, refers to climate protection when talking about the G8 summit and the issue of global warming. But I will take odondon's tip into consideration - thanks. That's the kind of help I was looking for Werner
    #4AuthorLinn22 Jul 05, 12:49
    Yes, I read your comment. You posted your entry under "Correct Translation?", and I told you, that your translation was not correct. What am I to do with your remark that you don't find "climate protection" in newspapers. I have no idea where that relates to.
    #5AuthorWerner22 Jul 05, 12:54
    so you did read that i considered "protection" a translation for "Schutz". When one starts a translation, first rule is, never do a word for word translation. English is an idiomatic language... I should not tell you that.
    so save yourself the embaressment next time and stop being a smart-aleck.
    #6AuthorLinn22 Jul 05, 13:11
    Why don't you read my remark, then? You translated Klimaschutz as climate change, and that was wrong and is still wrong. Your comment, please.
    #7AuthorWerjnher22 Jul 05, 13:40
    Didn't mean to garble my name.
    #8AuthorWerner22 Jul 05, 13:41
    Linn has a good point, that climate change is used in English where Klimaschutz is used in German. However, that does mean it is a correct translation - climate protection = Klimaschutz.

    or does it??
    #9Authordj22 Jul 05, 13:42
    i meant that does NOT mean it is a correct translation, sorry!
    #10Authordj22 Jul 05, 13:44
    dj - if, and only if, the similarities in usage are almost the same.

    since climate change is a phrase describing a Zustand (one needn't actually do anything to have climate change, see summer/winter, which is also a climate change), and Klimaschutz in German is a phrase describing a programm, the intrinsic meanings are so different, that the phrases cannot be used synonymously.

    in my first posting I did refer to the Kyoto Conference - the title of this in English refers to global warming and climate change - the two terms are brought into relation to each other, and the conclusions - we humans are accelerating climate change through force-feeding global warming, thus we humans should be looking to undertake measures to correct and protect the climate - point to climate protection.

    that doesn't make the terms the same.
    #11Authorodondon irl22 Jul 05, 13:47
    .. is it possible, that both sides have a point?

    Cities for Climate Protection (CCP)

    Climate protection begins at home

    Climate Change Protection: The Tolerable Windows Approach

    .. yet by far (!) the most Google hits gets "Climate Change" being used in the sense of "Climate Change Protection".

    .. where does ist leave the LEO entry? Is it a case for the wrong entry forum? Or should there be two translations??
    #12Authornovember22 Jul 05, 13:57
    Das ist wieder so ein Gleis-platform-Problem (  related discussion:Gleis -- platform und related discussion). Für den gleichen Zweck verwendete Begriffe sind trotzdem keine Übersetzungen, die in einem Wörterbuch auftauchen sollten.
    #13AuthorMattes22 Jul 05, 14:27

    environmental protection



    All I know is that we have the EPA (Environmetal Protection Agency) in the US, which is Zuständig for Klimaschutz. As far as I know, the word "climate" isn't used in English when talking about pollution, which is the context here, is it not?


    - Maybe you didn't realize it, but your comment "You could have looked up "Schutz" in the LEO dictionary to find out that it has nothing to do with change." sounds very arrogant to a native speaker's ease, far too blunt.
    #14AuthorTerence22 Jul 05, 16:47
    > sounds very arrogant to a native speaker's ease, far too blunt.

    Für einen Deutschen nicht weniger, würde ich sagen.
    #15Authorwilli winzig22 Jul 05, 18:43
    Personally I don't see what's wrong with "climate protection".

    However, I agree that if someone says "Ein Schlüsselthema heute ist Klimaschutz", he could get away with translating it as "one of the key issues today is climate change [understood: and what to do about it]". But I wouldn't recommend it where an accurate translation is called for.
    #16AuthorGhol ‹GB›22 Jul 05, 19:43
    Context/ examples
    climate change - Klimawandel
    climate protection - Klimaschutz
    Das Wort KlimaWANDEL ist hierzulande komplett negativ geprägt: das Klima wandelt sich zum Schlechten (darum müssen wir es schützen). Aus dieser Sicht klingt "climate change" als Übersetzung für KlimaSCHUTZ ausgesprochen eigenartig. Nichtsdestotrotz kann sich das Klima -zumindest theoretisch- auch zum Guten wandeln (sofern wir es schützen ;-).
    Vielleicht sind die AE und BE speakers in dieser Hinsicht einfach weniger pessimistisch?

    Terence: environmental protection bedeutet Umweltschutz
    #17Authorpartygast23 Jul 05, 02:03
    In Germany you go to the Landratsamt to get your driver's license. In the U.S. you go to the Secretary Of State. However, that does not mean that "Secretary Of State" is a valid translation of "Landratsamt". (At least that's what I think).
    In English it may be common to refer to a conference that in German is referred to as "Klimaschutzkonferenz" as a "Climate Change Conference" - nevertheless "Klimaschutz" and "climate change" are far from having the same meaning.

    Maybe the word pair "Klimaschutzkonferenz - Climate Change Conference" would make sense as a LEO entry; I did not do enough research to say this is indeed the case, but perhaps the discussion will resolve this?

    Mattes: although there are some parallels, the "Gleis - platform" issue is not quite the same: *there* the discussion was about the use of the two words in the sense of "the place one needs to go to in order to catch the right train", which one may see as an "autonomous concept" justifying an entry - or one may not. Opinions sometimes differ. With "Klimaschutz" and "Climate Change" the situation is different: even when used in the above mentioned word pair, the meaning of the two (well, three) words is entirely different. It's only the event (the conference) they describe that is the same (provided that that's the agreement after the discussion).
    #18AuthorUlrich0523 Jul 05, 10:38
    Wandel ist nicht Schutz.
    Stimme völlig mit Ulrich05 und den anderen hier überein.

    Zeitungsbelege gibt es:
    Summit focuses on climate protection
    Amie Rose DAILY HERALD

    Andere Belege:
    U.S. Conference of Mayors Unanimously Endorse
    Nickels’ Climate Protection Agreement
    U.S. EPA Awards Pacific Gas and Electric Company With Prestigious Climate Protection Award

    Ich könnte Dutzende sites reinschreiben.

    Also warum solls das Wort nicht geben?
    #19AuthorDH23 Jul 05, 12:10
    Thank you all very much indeed!!
    #20AuthorLinn24 Jul 05, 10:02
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