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    first mate Naut. - Bootsmann


    first mate

    Naut. -

    Erster Offizier

    The equation of "first mate" and "Bootsmann" strikes me as odd. "Bootsmann" is usually the "boatswain" (already in Leo), and I don't understand why or how it should in addition mean "first mate".

    Wikipedia on "First mate" and "Chief Mate": "A Chief Mate (C/M) or Chief Officer, usually also synonymous (except on passenger liners, which often carry both) with the First Mate or First Officer, is a licensed member and head of the deck department of a merchant ship. The chief mate is customarily a watchstander and is in charge of the ship's cargo and deck crew."

    A Leo discussion in 2005 seems to have suggested the very same (with the exception of the original poster, who requested the entry "first mate - Bootsmann"; the following posts favored "first mate - Erster Offizier"): https://tdict.leo.org/forum/selectThreadByDat...
    The discussion also makes some claims about yacht sailing that I do not support (on small yachts, the term "Bootsmann" is in fact not used); post # 12 suggests that "Bootsmann" is used on larger yachts, but does not suggest the translation "first mate - Bootsmann" either.

    Overall, I don't see any reason for the current entry. Am I overlooking something?

    When we have decided what to do about the entry, it would make sense to add also "first officer" with the same meaning as "first mate".

    Finally, Wikipedia capitalizes the titles. Is that correct?
    VerfasserBoatsGawain03 Mai 08, 09:04

    first mate


    Erster Steuermann, Erster (nautischer) Offizier

    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Definitionen von First Mate im Web in Englisch:

    The second-in-command of a ship, a rank just below the captain


    Dann wies mich der erste Steuermann (erster nautischer Offizier) in mein Arbeitsbereich ein.
    #1Verfasserw03 Mai 08, 14:54
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