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    weiter aufholen - gain further on us?


    weiter aufholen


    gain further on us?

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    Die Wettbewerber holen weiter auf.
    I know that this means the competitors are still catching up, but I can't think how to write this nicely and include the 'weiter'.

    Something like 'the competitors are closing in even more' or 'the competitors gain further on us' makes sense, but sounds fairly awful to my English ears. Any one got a better suggestion?
    Verfasserjoe23 Jan. 06, 08:58
    To take your suggestions but slightly re-word, how about:
    'the competitors are increasingly closing in on us' (although that sounds like it is more and more, not just continuing) or
    'the competitors are further gaining on us'

    (I've been in native language ruts before, hope this helps!)
    #1Verfassergirly-girl (AE)23 Jan. 06, 09:24
    how about using "keep" - they keep closing in?
    #2Verfassertanja123 Jan. 06, 09:42
    Thanks, I hate native language ruts - and the longer you stay, the worse it gets!
    #3Verfasserjoe23 Jan. 06, 10:08
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