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    Translation correct?

    breezeway - überdachter Durchgang

    Source Language Term



    überdachter Durchgang

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    One entry found for breezeway.
    : a roofed often open passage connecting two buildings (as a house and garage) or halves of a building

    A roofed, open-sided passageway connecting two structures, such as a house and a garage.

    "Please do not store your bicycles in the breezeways." (aus meinen Community Guidelines)
    "breezeway" fehlt in LEO noch. Weil mir kein gescheiter deutscher Begriff einfällt, habe ich vorerst diese Abteilung dem New Entry vorgezogen.

    Weiß jemand ein gutes deutsches Pendant?

    Oder könnte man eine kurze kursivgeschriebene Erklärung auf der deutschen Seite eintragen?
    Authorholger19 Mar 06, 02:48
    Is the fact that it isn't listed in any dictionary proof? Otherwise, I don't know what a person can offer ....
    #1Authorgirly-girl19 Mar 06, 09:28
    OT --- Merkwürdig, in der Übersichtsseite datiert der Faden momentan von 19-Mar-06 01:48 (als Einzel-Gelbkasten).
    #1Authorholger19 Mar 06, 05:48
    Your friend is, of course, totally wrong about this--under no circumstances whatever can the English expression 'as well' be written as one word. If he saw otherwise, than the sources he saw were in error. 'As well' written as one word is never correct in English.

    As you cannot prove a negative, it is not for you to prove the point. Rather, he is the one claiming that writing it as one word is correct, and therefore, he has the burden of proof of showing that his claim is correct by supporting it with evidence. So, I suggest you turn the argument around, and just say unequivocally, "No, you couldn't be more wrong; if you say it's correct, then show me."

    And you might tell him in advance that finding occurrences of 'aswell' on the internet is not enough, as I can quote him 28 million occurrences of the misspelling 'seperate' on the internet (correct is 'separate'). So he must be wary of carelessly using pure search engine counts, as this is not evidence (there are over 9.2 million 'aswell's, and none of them represent a correct usage of 'as well'.)

    I don't necessarily always go along with 'official sources' on the internet for trying to prove a point, because they can sometimes be as wrong as your friend is (the many errors of 'Urban Dictionary' is a case in point).

    However, if you think your friend is the type to be impressed by such 'official' citations, then maybe you can get him out of your hair by quoting this site: It's a generally reputable site, and states the case for 'as well' as simply and directly as possible; perhaps your friend will shut up about it now.

    Finally, he's welcome to write me directly if he needs an even more forceful debunking of *aswell as one word.
    #2AuthorPeter <us>19 Mar 06, 09:36
    Das war offenbar ein Flop, den Faden hier zu eröffnen.
    #2Authorholger21 Mar 06, 14:45
    Mir fällt dazu höchstens "Verbindungsgang" ein, oder auch noch "Passage". Aber beides passt nicht so richtig. Ich fürchte, du musst bei deinem "überdachten Durchgang" bleiben.
    #3AuthorBarhocker21 Mar 06, 14:50
    Peter <us>
    sorry, forgot to press F5 - you said it so much better.
    #3AuthorMarianne (BE)19 Mar 06, 09:47
    "aswell" could also be a typo for "a swell"

    Just musing ...
    #4AuthorMartina 19 Mar 06, 09:55
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