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    Translation correct?

    im eigenen Saft schmoren - work in isolation? rest on our laurels?

    Source Language Term

    im eigenen Saft schmoren


    work in isolation? rest on our laurels?

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    „Wir hatten schon immer den Ehrgeiz, nicht nur im eigenen Saft zu schmoren“, sagt Vorstandsmitglied Joe Schmoe. „Wir arbeiten deshalb eng mit sehr renommierten Instituten und Professoren zusammen, um optimale Lösungen zu entwickeln.“
    I am a bit confused about the use of this idiom here. I understand that someone who stews in his own juices is left to ride out the consequences of bad or poorly thought-out actions. To me, it is a completely negative phrase.

    But that is obviously not what is meant here at all. So the phrase in German, and perhaps in English, must have some other nuance of meaning. The text itself is about cooperation or partnerships between firms.
    AuthorSelkie (236097) 22 Jun 08, 21:18
    I think Joe Schmoe has an odd sense of humor but means just that: we are ambitious and don't just want to stew in our own juices, which is why we partnered up with....
    #1Authordude (253248) 22 Jun 08, 21:38
    jemand, der nicht nur im eigenen Saft schmoren will, sieht auch über den eigenen Tellerrand hinaus ;-)

    Yes, Selkie, like dude said: they are open-minded and able to work in a team
    #2Authorpenguin (236245) 22 Jun 08, 21:55
    i think joe has just picked the wrong saying for this context...unless he is in the catering/restaurant trade i doubt he actually meant to say this ;-) but you never know.
    agree with dude and penguin..he wants to stay open for positive input from the "outside", since "no man/company is an island"

    #3Authorpittipal (317086) 22 Jun 08, 22:19
    Isee this issue as dude doesin #1:

    '... to stew in our/ones own juices/greases' . . .

    LEO: Dictionary: Saft schmoren . . .
    #4AuthorDaddy22 Jun 08, 22:31
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