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    armscye Textil. - Armloch

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    Synonym for armhole.

    pl. armscyes

    From a knitting pattern: "The armscyes on this version are V's, making the front and back V's and the armscyes identical."


    http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/armscye "an opening in a garment for the attachment of a sleeve; an armhole"
    VerfasserGesine17 Jul. 08, 01:15
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    armholedas Armloch  Pl.: die Armlöcher
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    Sorry, I meant to link to the knitting pattern mentioned in my first post: http://mindofwinter.prettyposies.com/archives...

    Also, the proposed German translation 'Armloch' is already listed on LEO but here's a link to the DWDS: http://www.dwds.de/?woerterbuch=1&sh=1&qu=armloch - copied from there:

    Armloch, das
    1. Ausschnitt an einem Kleidungsstück für den Arm: das A. um zwei Zentimeter erweitern, ausschneiden; Herr Kesselmeyer hatte seine Daumen in die Armlöcher der Weste geschoben Th. Mann 1,226 (Buddenbr.)
    2. vulg. verhüll. Schimpfw.;
    #1VerfasserGesine17 Jul. 08, 01:26

    I’d support adding armscye. Admittedly, I’d never heard it until recently, but it’s a dressmaking term and, like the original poster, I’ve also come across it in knitting patterns, e.g. in the measurements for the sleeveless Pabaigh top by Kate Davies (https://www.shopkdd.com/pabaigh), the depth of the armhole is referred to as the ‘armscye depth’.


    Merriam Webster:

    arm·​scye | \ ˈärmˌsī, -ˌzī \

    variants: or less commonly armseye \ -​ˌzī \

    plural -s

    Definition of armscye

    ARMHOLE specificallyin tailoring and dressmaking the shape or outline of the armhole



    armscye in American English

    (ˈɑːrmsai, -zai)


    the armhole opening in a garment

    Also: armseye (ˈɑːrmzˌai)

    Word origin

    [arm1 + scye armhole (orig. Scot, Ulster dial. s(e)y, sie, of uncert. orig.); reanalyzed by folk etym. as “arm's eye”]


    (Not sure why ‘in American English’ – the patterns I’ve seen it in weren’t in American English.)



    Armscye (also spelt arm scythe and pronounced ‘Arm’s Eye’) is a Scottish term in origin. It refers to the armhole opening in a garment and is also the tailoring term for the pattern shape used when constructing the armhole. If you were to label the anatomy of a dress, the armscye would be at the opening of the bodice, where the sleeve is attached.



    Langenscheidt gives Ärmelausschnitt


    Ärmelausschnitt         armscye in dressmaking


    #2VerfasserMaisie (1354450) 05 Aug. 22, 14:38
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