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    armscye textil. - Armloch

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Synonym for armhole.

    pl. armscyes

    From a knitting pattern: "The armscyes on this version are V's, making the front and back V's and the armscyes identical." "an opening in a garment for the attachment of a sleeve; an armhole"
    AuthorGesine17 Jul 08, 01:15
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    armholedas Armloch  pl.: die Armlöcher
    Ergebnisse aus dem Forum
    Sorry, I meant to link to the knitting pattern mentioned in my first post:

    Also, the proposed German translation 'Armloch' is already listed on LEO but here's a link to the DWDS: - copied from there:

    Armloch, das
    1. Ausschnitt an einem Kleidungsstück für den Arm: das A. um zwei Zentimeter erweitern, ausschneiden; Herr Kesselmeyer hatte seine Daumen in die Armlöcher der Weste geschoben Th. Mann 1,226 (Buddenbr.)
    2. vulg. verhüll. Schimpfw.;
    #1AuthorGesine17 Jul 08, 01:26

    I’d support adding armscye. Admittedly, I’d never heard it until recently, but it’s a dressmaking term and, like the original poster, I’ve also come across it in knitting patterns, e.g. in the measurements for the sleeveless Pabaigh top by Kate Davies (, the depth of the armhole is referred to as the ‘armscye depth’.


    Merriam Webster:

    arm·​scye | \ ˈärmˌsī, -ˌzī \

    variants: or less commonly armseye \ -​ˌzī \

    plural -s

    Definition of armscye

    ARMHOLE specificallyin tailoring and dressmaking the shape or outline of the armhole



    armscye in American English

    (ˈɑːrmsai, -zai)


    the armhole opening in a garment

    Also: armseye (ˈɑːrmzˌai)

    Word origin

    [arm1 + scye armhole (orig. Scot, Ulster dial. s(e)y, sie, of uncert. orig.); reanalyzed by folk etym. as “arm's eye”]


    (Not sure why ‘in American English’ – the patterns I’ve seen it in weren’t in American English.)


    Armscye (also spelt arm scythe and pronounced ‘Arm’s Eye’) is a Scottish term in origin. It refers to the armhole opening in a garment and is also the tailoring term for the pattern shape used when constructing the armhole. If you were to label the anatomy of a dress, the armscye would be at the opening of the bodice, where the sleeve is attached.



    Langenscheidt gives Ärmelausschnitt

    Ärmelausschnitt         armscye in dressmaking


    #2AuthorMaisie (1354450) 05 Aug 22, 14:38
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