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    Translation correct?

    Einkommensgleichheit - EinkommensUNgleichheit

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    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Solange die regierende Koalition die beschriebene Politik verfolgt, ist von ihr keine substantielle gesetzgebende Unterstützung der Reduzierung von Einkommensgleichheit zu erwarten, wie es durch einen gesetzlichen Mindestlohn in angemessener Höhe der Fall wäre.

    As long as the governing coalition follows the described politics, one cannot expect substantial legal support for the reduction of ???, as would be the case with a legal minimum wage.

    ??? maybe unequal pay
    Sorry for posting so many queries, but this final paragraph is driving me crazy. I believe the author made many mistakes.
    Author miamibremen (279037) 27 Sep 08, 14:26
    It was EinkommensUNgleichheit, so I don't need any help on this one.
    #1Authormiamibremen (279037) 27 Sep 08, 15:49

    But that should be 'pursue policies".
    'Follow politics' means to be interested in political developments.
    #2Authorwalker uk (237255) 27 Sep 08, 16:47

    unequal pay


    income disparity

    Context/ examples
    "Income disparity or wage gap is a term used to describe inequities and asymmetry in the distribution of wealth and income ..." (Source:
    #3Authorborisj04 Oct 08, 16:12
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