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    spin-orbit coupling - Spin-Bahn-Kopplung

    New entry

    spin-orbit coupling phys. - Spin-Bahn-Kopplung

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    spin-orbit interaction



    Examples/ definitions with source references
    "spin-orbit coupling" =
    The interaction of the electron spin magnetic moment with the magnetic
    moment due to the orbital motion of the electron. One consequence of
    spin-orbit coupling is the mixing of zero-order states of different multiplicity.
    This effect may result in fine structure called spin-orbit splitting.

    IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology (

    it can also be found in the Encyclopædia Britannica (

    translation in
    "spin-orbit coupling" = Spinbahnkopplung
    "spin-orbit interaction" = Spinbahnwechselwirkung
    (beide werden oft synonym verwendet)

    explanation on

    hits google: approx. 297.000 for "spin-orbit coupling"
    Eintrag fehlt noch in Leo...

    AuthorSnuggles (432008) 14 Oct 08, 14:35
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