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    Translation correct?

    ... meine Internet-Recherchen aktualisiert... - ... updated my internet information...

    Source Language Term

    ... meine Internet-Recherchen aktualisiert...


    ... updated my internet information...

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Ich habe heute meine Internet-Recherchen aktualisiert und festgestellt, daß viele freie Stellen in Filialen in der Region XY zu finden sind, relativ nah beieinander. Wäre es nicht möglich, daß gerade eine dieser Stellen genau auf mein Profil passen könnte?

    I have updated my internet information today and found that there are many vacancies in the region XY within a fairly close distance from each other. Could one of these possibly be the one that would match my profile?
    Der erste Satzteil bereitet mir Schwierigkeiten - aber im Grunde auch schon im Deutschen.
    Der zweite Satzteil (ab dem Komma) und der nächste Satz ist eher so beispielhaft angefügt, wie es ungefähr weitergehen soll.

    Was ich ausdrücken will: Ich habe natürlich die Website der betreffenden Firma schon seit Monaten im Auge. Heute habe ich mal wieder nachgeguckt, die aktuellen freien Stellen angesehen und eine interessante Beobachtung gemacht, auf die hin ich nachhaken möchte mit einer Frage (und mich bei der Gelegenheit auch nochmal freundlich in Erinnerung bringen).

    Wie kriege ich das formuliert, ohne daß die sagen: Ach, sieh an, ist es der jetzt auch endlich mal eingefallen, da mal nachzugucken? Oder: Was will die denn jetzt schon wieder - die Bewerbung liegt doch hier schon?

    Vielen Dank schonmal im voraus!
    AuthorAnna C. (474640) 13 Nov 08, 00:19
    Anna C.
    Recherchen does not equal information :), and you don't really "update" internet will somehow have to reword this

    While doing research on the internet today, I found that there many vacancies in branches/subsidiaries in the XY region, fairly close to each other. I believe that (at least) one of them matches my profile.

    (go at it positively - don't ask) - to play devil's advocate: could one of these......profile? yeah.... so what?!! :)

    #1AuthorRES-can (330291) 13 Nov 08, 00:38
    Thanks, RES-can!

    Yeah, I knew that the wording was not good (even the German!), but somehow I couldn't get it straight. Your suggestion is much better, thanks!

    You are right of course about going at it positively. There are just two problems with that:

    1. They don't have any information whatsoever on these vacancies on the internet - just the pure list. So how would I know one of them matches my profile? I've been trying to find out more details of course, but there isn't much.

    2. More importantly, after receiving my application, they told me that their boss would contact me if they have a vacancy that matches my profile. Now I am unsure that I might seem pushy if I tell THEM now what they said they would tell me.
    Of course I do want to be just a LITTLE bit pushy but not too much... just so much they will remember me for their vacancies! :-)
    #2AuthorAnna C. (474640) 13 Nov 08, 00:50
    Oh, and about the wording: I don't insist on a direct translation from the German by any means. Just so it sounds better than what I came up with... ;-)
    #3AuthorAnna C. (474640) 13 Nov 08, 00:52
    #1 ..that there ARE many...

    #2 1)... ok - I get it now, so change to:
    I would be interested in finding out whether one of these vacancies matches my profile.

    #2 2) Well I can't speak for other companies. In our case, we (our department) do keep resumes and go through them when we're looking for new hires. Most large corporations will keep electronic resumes for 3-6 months in Canada. Nevertheless, if you see a job specific to your skills within that period, by all means re-apply for that specific position.

    Since their boss may really not think of going into older resumes, you could resend it "re: job XXX in region XY", with a brief covering letter indicating that you believe your skills match it. If you still do not hear from them... it might be time to move on....
    We are currently in the hiring process, and some candidates are disqualified on paper, not because they are not good, but because there are so many that are better - your turn will come.. :)
    #4AuthorRES-can (330291) 13 Nov 08, 01:09
    Thanks, RES-can!
    It's great to hear advice from someone who has experience with hiring!

    Well, I'll get started with rewording and rewriting...
    #5AuthorAnna C. (474640) 13 Nov 08, 13:00
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