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    Translation correct?

    Ich möchte mich nach den örtlichen Gepflogenheiten richten. - I want to act in compliance with local…

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    Ich möchte mich nach den örtlichen Gepflogenheiten richten.


    I want to act in compliance with local usage.

    Kann man das so sagen, oder klingt das komisch?
    Insbesondere bei der Verwendung des Wortes "usage" bin ich mir nicht sicher.

    AuthorAnna C. (474640) 24 Nov 08, 20:53
    How about the usage of 'conventions'? . . .

    LEO: Dictionary: Gepflogenheit* . . .
    #1AuthorDaddy24 Nov 08, 21:02
    I want to comply with local customs.
    #2AuthorHelmi (U.S.) (236620) 24 Nov 08, 21:04
    I want to keep by local customs
    #3AuthorM00nshine (512668) 24 Nov 08, 21:28
    It's not wrong, but sounds kind of official (legal even...)

    I want to follow/observe local customs.
    #4AuthorRES-can (330291) 24 Nov 08, 22:04
    I would like to behave in accordance with local customs.
    #5AuthorTimo24 Nov 08, 22:11
    Either #4 or #5 would be okay, or possibly with 'custom' in the singular.

    'Keep by' is not English in this context; 'usage' and 'convention' are both usually better for language, not behavior; and 'comply/compliance' are better for official regulations (law), not customs (culture).
    #6Authorhm -- us (236141) 24 Nov 08, 22:18
    Instead of 'keep by,' you could also say 'keep to' or (more formally) 'adhere to.'
    #7Authorhm -- us (236141) 24 Nov 08, 22:19
    Or less formally, 'go by,' 'go along with' ...

    Depending on context, you might even just use a clause. If you're traveling to a foreign country and your hosts ask, 'When do you usually have breakfast, and what would you prefer to eat?', you would probably just say, 'Oh, I don't want to cause any inconvenience, I'd just like to do / go along with whatever everyone there usually does.' But if you were a development worker or anthropologist traveling to live with a tribe in the Amazon or Mongolia, you might indeed say something about wanting to comply with, or behave according to, local custom(s). That is, using a noun like 'custom(s)' can sound more formal or academic, so it could be a little patronizing, as if the local people were somehow exotic, not just foreign. If that makes sense at all.
    #8Authorhm -- us (236141) 24 Nov 08, 22:37
    I'd like to handle/deal with things according to local customs.
    #9AuthorBiggie Ella (522477) 24 Nov 08, 22:40
    And I strongly support Helmi's translation!
    #10AuthorBiggie Ella (522477) 24 Nov 08, 22:45
    So many answers within such a short time - LEO can be just overwhelming! Thanks to all of you!

    Your explanation of the different "usages" of the terms in #6 is particularly useful, hm -- us.

    Well, now I have the Qual der Wahl (no rhyme for that in English, I suppose?)! :-)
    #11AuthorAnna C. (474640) 24 Nov 08, 22:50
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