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    plastic - plastisch,synthetisch

    New entry

    plastic tech. adj. - plastisch,synthetisch adj.

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Aus Langenscheidt Fachwörterbuch Maschinenbau, Datenstruktur konform mit ISO 1951(2007)
    AuthorDenis06 Feb 09, 13:22
    Context/ examples
    1: formative , creative
    2 a: capable of being molded or modeled b: capable of adapting to varying conditions : pliable
    3: sculptural
    4: made or consisting of a plastic
    5: capable of being deformed continuously and permanently in any direction without rupture
    6: of, relating to, or involving plastic surgery
    7: having a quality suggestive of mass-produced plastic goods ; especially : artificial 4
    8: relating to, characterized by, or exhibiting neural plasticity

    BERTELSMANN Wörterbuch
    * plas|tisch [Adj. ]
    1 [o. Steig.] zur Plastik gehörend, in der Art der Plastik, körperlich, dreidimensional
    2 [o. Steig.] knetbar, formbar
    3 [übertr.] anschaulich, bildhaft
    M-W 2a -- Bertelsmann 2
    M-W 3 -- Bertelsmann 1

    LEO already has "plastic -- plastisch" but the dictionaries don't comfirm that 'plastisch' can mean 'synthetisch' as suggested here. Not supported.

    @Denis: Please quote several reliable sources for your proposals as required by the submission form.
    #1Authororeg (353563) 06 Feb 09, 15:05
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