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    Pend - bedeckter, überdeckter Durchgang

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    Pend Scot. - bedeckter, überdeckter Durchgang

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    open-ended passageway through a building; usually vehicular as against close which is pedestrian. Originally a Scots word for an archway, as distinct from an open lane or vennel. See close, alley.
    AuthorCarolyn24 Apr 09, 10:14


    constr. Scot. -

    schmaler Durchgang, Gasse, Gang

    Context/ examples
    - Pend is a Scottish architectural term referring to a passageway that passes through a building, often from a street through to a courtyard, and typically designed for vehicular rather than exclusively pedestrian access.

    A pend is distinct from a vennel or a close, as it has rooms directly above it, whereas vennels and closes are not covered over but rather are passageways between separate buildings.

    The OED suggests that the etymology of the word is probably related to the archaic verb pend - "arch, arch over, vault", this in turn being derived from the French pendre, Latin pendēre "to hang"

    - an archway or vaulted passage
    (from Latin pendere to hang; related to Latin pendere to suspend)

    - an open ended passage through a building, at ground level
    ...hoffe das hilft weiter;-)
    #1AuthorNele24 Apr 09, 10:40
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