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enquiry - demande d'offre, fLast post 29 Jun 21, 20:41
books: Communication for businesscorrespondance commerciale Reprendre les termes du dico ang…2 Replies
Dispatch advice - Avis d'expéditionLast post 02 Jul 21, 19:03
The consignement was handed over to the freight forwarder yesterday for transportation to Di…2 Replies
sooty barbthroat (Threnetes niger) - ermite d'Antonia, m - ermite d'Antonie, m (Threnetes niger) Last post 10 Dec 21, 18:23 ... Taxonomy in detailScientific na…0 Replies
seal ring - bague d'étanchéité, bague-jointLast post 06 Jul 21, 21:41
The canister was not sealed seal cf. DichtringSiehe auch: [fr-de] Dichtringe1 Replies
tooth-billed hummingbird (Androdon aequatorialis) - porte-lance d'Équateur, m - colibri d'Équateur, m (Androdon aequatorialis) Last post 12 Dec 21, 16:50 ... Taxonomy in detailScientific …0 Replies
gorgeted puffleg (Eriocnemis isabellae) - érione d'Isabella, f - érione d'Isabelle, f - érione à gorge bleue, f (Eriocnemis isabellae)Last post 05 Apr 22, 17:55 ... Taxonomy in detail…0 Replies
minute hermit (Phaethornis idaliae) - ermite d'Idalie, m (Phaethornis idaliae) Last post 20 Nov 21, 13:08 ... Taxonomy in detailScientific …0 Replies
greenish puffleg (Haplophaedia aureliae) - érione d'Aurélie, f (Haplophaedia aureliae) Last post 12 Apr 22, 17:55
0 Replies
common teal - teal (Anas crecca) - sarcelle d'hiver, f (Anas crecca)Last post 23 Aug 21, 17:55 Sarcelle d'hiverAnas crecca - Euras…0 Replies
white-bearded hermit (Phaethornis hispidus) - ermite d'Osery, m (Phaethornis hispidus)Last post 19 Nov 21, 18:48 ... Taxonomy in detailScientific …0 Replies

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