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gray, prey, rely gare, gray, Grec, grec, grès, ogre

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gray, dreary

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grey-tailed mountaingem - grey-tailed mountain-gem - gray-tailed mountaingem - gray-tailed mountain-gem (Lampornis cinereicauda) - colibri à queue grise, m (Lampornis cinereicauda)Last post 11 May 22, 17:51
https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/22725806/... ... Tax…0 Replies
grey teal - gray teal (Anas gracilis) - sarcelle australasienne, f (Anas gracilis) Last post 29 Aug 21, 18:30
https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/22680271/... ... Taxonomy in detailScientific name   Ana0 Replies
greylag goose - gray goose - grey goose (Anser anser) - oie cendrée, f (Anser anser)Last post 04 Jul 21, 22:23
Leo already has the entries https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/Graugans%20(Anser%20anser)…1 Replies
grey-bellied comet - gray-bellied comet (Taphrolesbia griseiventris) - colibri comète, m (Taphrolesbia griseiventris) Last post 10 Mar 22, 18:01
https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/22688049/179183928 ... Taxonomy in detailScienti…0 Replies
Pacific black duck -- grey duck - gray duck (Anas superciliosa) - canard à sourcils, m (Anas superciliosa) Last post 08 Sep 21, 17:19
https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/22680217/... ... Taxonomy in detailScientific name   Anas0 Replies
gray-chinned hermit - grey-chinned hermit (Phaethornis griseogularis) - ermite à gorge grise, m (Phaethornis griseogularis)Last post 18 Nov 21, 17:50
https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/22726661/94928874 ... Taxonomy in detailScientific …0 Replies
grey-breasted sabrewing - gray-breasted sabrewing (Campylopterus largipennis) - campyloptère à ventre gris, m (Campylopterus largipennis) Last post 23 Jul 22, 18:32
0 Replies
gray-rumped treeswift - grey-rumped treeswift (Hemiprocne longipennis) - hémiprocné longipenne, m - martinet huppé de Java, m (Hemiprocne longipennis)Last post 24 Oct 22, 17:33
https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/22686894/... ... Taxonomy in deta…0 Replies

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