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velocity of light - speed of light - vitesse de la lumière, f Last post 12 Jan 23, 10:46
1 Replies
speed of sound - velocity of sound - [acoustics] - vitesse du son, f - célérité du son, m Last post 12 Jan 23, 10:47…1 Replies
of the same kidney - du même acabit Last post 23 Nov 21, 18:54   acabitnom masculin(ancien pr…0 Replies
Connotations of "raison de recherche"Last post 17 Nov 22, 08:54
Context: I write in my dissertation: "Fundamental to any research is the specification of th…4 Replies
Duke of Burgundy [entomology] - lucine, f (Hamearis lucina) [entomologíe]Last post 11 Jul 22, 18:55
0 Replies
Translation of "par action" in specific contextLast post 28 Dec 22, 15:38
The topic at hand concerns chemistry and chemical formula:Selon l'invention, les produits de…0 Replies
C/O care of - à l'attention deLast post 14 Mar 22, 20:19
c/oAbkürzungcare of= à l'attention de qn2 Replies
Order confirmation/acknowledgement of order - confirmation de commande/accusé de réception de commandeLast post 30 Jun 21, 21:27
We would like to confirm your order of ... as follow ...Nous confirmons votre commande du ..…1 Replies
immortal - Immortal (member of the Académie française / French Academy) - immortel, m - immortelle, f (membre de l'Académie française)Last post 05 Jul 22, 11:55 ...  Dany Laferr…1 Replies
sweet rocket -- dame's rocket -- dame’s violet - dame’s-violet -- mother-of-the-evening (Hesperis matronalis) - julienne des dames, f (Hesperis matronalis)Last post 05 Jun 23, 19:53…0 Replies

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