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to be 17/86/... years old - avoir 17/87/... ansLast post 31 Jan 22, 00:40
The numbers can't be quite right. :)2 Replies
high-rise (AE) - tower block (BE) - tour, fLast post 22 Feb 23, 11:32
Leo already has several entries for Dictionary: tour but not yet : https://dictionary.cambri…1 Replies
to crawl - ramperLast post 04 Jul 21, 12:42
Leo already has this entry : to sneak up      ramp1 Replies
to deter - empêcherLast post 06 Jul 21, 21:41
Leo already has these entries :Dictionary: empêcher to prevent so. from doing sth.        1 Replies
to core - carotterLast post 16 Mar 23, 13:46  carotterverbe transiti…1 Replies
to sear - snackerLast post 26 Jun 23, 08:55 Snack…1 Replies
to cheat s.o. - to con s.o. - to screw s.o. - to trick s.o. - carotter qqn. [familier]Last post 16 Mar 23, 14:34
Leo already has several entries for the English verbsDictionary: cheatDictionary: screwDicti…6 Replies
to digiti[sz]e, to digitali[sz]e - numériserLast post 06 Sep 21, 13:19
LEO EN/DEto digitalizeAE sth.   - data, information [COMP.]to digitaliseBE, digitalizeBE 2 Replies
old man's beard -- traveller's joy - traveller's-joy (Clematis vitalba) - clématite des haies, f - clématite vigne-blanche, f - herbe-aux-gueux, f (Clematis vitalba)Last post 25 May 22, 19:54 EspèceClématite des haies, Clématite…0 Replies
to seize - être grippé - se gripperLast post 05 Jul 21, 20:39
être grippé//se gripperThe engine seized because it was not properly lubricated.Le moteur s'…1 Replies

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