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Tschau-sen, Moin-sen, etc.Last post 15 Jan 12, 13:46
Das höre ich immer wieder "auf der Straße". Woher kommt das -sen ? 12 Replies
Aufl.Last post 19 Sep 12, 11:12
Sensor X incl. 10m Kabel Aufl. 0,001 / 5V Auflage? What could it mean here? thanks.10 Replies
30. Aufl. - 30th Ed.Last post 10 Jun 14, 15:10
Der Antragsteller verfolgt Ansprüche aus unerlaubter Handlung, worunter jeder rechtswidrige…10 Replies
verb. Aufl.Last post 09 Aug 10, 11:07
Hi for my bibliography I need to know what verb. Aufl. means. Aufl. = Auflage, right? But wh…1 Replies
Herr X sen. - Mr X, Sr.,Last post 15 Sep 14, 13:10
Die Firma wurde von Herrn Franz Müller sen., dem Vater des jetzigen Eigentümers Herrn Franz …1 Replies
lock up the senLast post 14 Nov 14, 13:33
For them it's nothing personal, they don't care who wins the seat as long as they can lock u…3 Replies
Flanked by Sen. KerryLast post 13 Jan 11, 15:19
Flanked by Sen. Kerry and four western envoys, Mr. Karzai didn's accept that the disqualifie…4 Replies
[pju:sen or pju:send]Last post 22 Mar 05, 07:52
www.nirva.nu .....with arms wide open under the [pju:sen] church.... hello, i am a big fan o…2 Replies
rev. u. erw. Aufl. Last post 06 Aug 08, 13:49
this abbreviation in a footnote, can anyone help to ceom up with Eng. equivalents?6 Replies
2.,erg. Aufl., 3.Ausg., Bonn 1987 - 2nd extended edition, 3rd reprint, Bonn 1987Last post 19 May 07, 23:18
I'm posting this as I've not been able to find a definitive explanation of these expressions…15 Replies