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Orthographically similar words

boric, BRIC, BRICS, brink, brisk, brock, crick, prick, rick, trick, Trick Blick, Bricke, Ricke, Trick

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block, clinker

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Brick LaneLast post 09 Feb 13, 10:16
I just saw an advert for the Mini (car), and it's called "Mini Brick Lane". Leaving aside my…65 Replies
brick partition [constr.] - der RaumabschlussLast post 19 Jan 17, 13:10
Brick partition ist eine gemauerte Trennwand aus Ziegelsteinen - eine mögliche Unterform ei…0 Replies
madd brickLast post 27 Feb 15, 09:39
I picked this word from the urban dictionary, which says that this expressions is from Brook…5 Replies
dropping a clanger / brick ... Last post 26 Apr 07, 16:57
hello, I will be visiting germany in a couple of weeks time with some colleagues and last t…23 Replies
Brick twins, Snake and JaggedLast post 18 Sep 13, 13:34
Dunkin, Donuts. That's one type of coding Ellie used - a kind of rebus soundalike. Diane la…31 Replies
Brick Lining - VormauerungLast post 21 Mar 07, 14:05
Quelle: The Directorate of Engineering and Housing Dictionary1 Replies
brick building - der ZiegelbauLast post 29 Dec 06, 18:15
Ziegel-, ziegel-: -bau, der 1. /ohne Pl./ das Herstellen von Bauten aus Ziegeln 2. /Pl. …0 Replies
"brick"Last post 14 Jul 09, 16:57
pulls out her Mitsubishi-"brick" Das ist ein Handy, wahrscheinlich ein altes und dementspre…2 Replies
brick Last post 11 Mar 08, 21:26
The houses were small, brick terraced, back-to-back. was heißt "brick terraced" auf Deutsch…7 Replies
BrickLast post 11 Dec 10, 12:52
Im Song von Nelly Furtado "Say it right" kommt diese Zeile vor: ...from my mouth I can sing…4 Replies