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Dismiss! - Weggetreten!Last post 19 Mar 11, 22:36
Eintrag löschen, da es die korrekte Übersetzung mit "Wegtreten!" schon gibt. "Weggetreten!"…24 Replies
dismissLast post 02 Jun 15, 22:36
Please go to the medication Log to confirm whether you had an additional dose of the drug. T…6 Replies
to dismissLast post 10 Sep 06, 20:56
Hallo Community, komme hier nicht weiter... A senior figure dismissed the new MPs' threat a…1 Replies
Verfahren einstellen - dismiss a process Last post 14 May 07, 12:53
"dismiss a process" sounds ok when the judge dismisses the case because of, say, insufficien…4 Replies
motion to dismiss the action - http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&searchLocRelinked=1&search=Klagabweisungsantrag&trestr=0x401Last post 26 Jan 12, 18:30
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&searchLocRelinked=1&search=Klag4 Replies
dismiss a notificationLast post 09 May 21, 15:31
Auszug aus der Betriebsanleitung einer App:"This app can turn off the screen when all notifi…4 Replies
strike/dismiss a claimLast post 06 May 08, 09:05
Are there any legal differences between a claim that has been struck and a claim that has be…3 Replies
To dismiss sth as...Last post 23 Feb 09, 22:03
She dismissed this [other people's suggestions] as vicious mockery Danke im Voraus!2 Replies
To dismiss the gouvernmentLast post 28 Nov 10, 16:50
The Queen has tha power to dismiss the gouvernment. dismiss heißt ablehnen aber sie lehnt d…3 Replies
to dismiss without prejudiceLast post 11 Apr 15, 00:57
The parties have amicably resolved the litigation to dismiss the case with prejudice. Hallo…9 Replies