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Orthographically similar words

prepared, preparer, prepreg Prepreg

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set, assemble, draw, compile, erect, arrange, make, finish, work, embattle

Forum discussions containing the search term

Prepare.....Last post 12 May 11, 20:08
Good evenening! I have a little question. Do you say: "to prepare dinner" or "to prepare THE…1 Replies
is to prepareLast post 27 Jan 09, 12:44
Hi, in einem Vertrag fand ich diesen Satz: The dealer is to prepare and distribute training…5 Replies
"I helped to prepare" oder "I helped prepare"?Last post 27 Jun 09, 21:42
"I helped (to) prepare a conference in Nameofcity." Kann man das to weglassen oder verände…11 Replies
vorzuverkabeln - prepare to wireLast post 17 Jun 10, 16:12
...sind durch den Maschinenlieferanten bis auf einen an der Maschine fest montierten Anschlu…2 Replies
Prepare yourselfLast post 28 Jun 12, 11:34
Eine hanebüchene Abenteuergeschichte: Der Bösewicht, seines Zeichens Menschenfresser, hat …13 Replies
prepare for - vorbereiten (sich) (auf/für)Last post 03 Jan 07, 00:55
Looking at the listings for vorbereiten all of these mean 'to prepare for' vorbereiten vorb…4 Replies
Fleisch zubereiten - to prepare meatLast post 21 Oct 08, 01:04
As a vegetarian I eat no meat and fish. Of course I accept other opinions and I have no prob…1 Replies
Apposition "to prepare the year-end reports"Last post 02 Mar 11, 14:56
A new policy has been instituted: the evaluation will be made by groups that will have only …2 Replies
prepare starter dough - hebelnLast post 13 Apr 10, 12:08
In Switzerland starter dough is also called “Hebel”, which actually means a “lever”.The best0 Replies
prepare a speechLast post 03 Feb 09, 11:28
eine Rede vorbereiten? Danke im Voraus!2 Replies