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Design, design, ensign, reign, resin Design, Reigen, Reisig, riesig, Riesin

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quit, surrender, abdicate

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resignLast post 15 Dec 10, 08:38
..often tortured and unhappy he finally resigned mystic. Was bedeutet "resigned" in diesem …3 Replies
Resign bustLast post 04 Oct 22, 08:57
Resign bust Hi, um was zum Henker könnte es sich dabei handeln? Danke!2 Replies
resign in ProtestLast post 05 Aug 07, 22:54
Der vollständige Satz: An overwhelming amount of anti-Israel venom at the Daily Kos* leads …2 Replies
to resign - (Vertrag) verlängernLast post 07 Mar 08, 09:25
'to resign' wird im Sport bei der Vertragsverlängerung von Spielern verwendet, zB. in der NB…4 Replies
resign from the PresidencyLast post 04 Mar 12, 13:17
President Mohammad Hosni Mubarak has decided to resign from the Presidency. Sein Mandat n…2 Replies
resign over base rowLast post 02 Jun 10, 14:17
Japan Prime Minister Resigns Over Base Row Was bedeutet es? Danke.1 Replies
to resign over one's faceLast post 18 May 09, 23:37
"On 12 May 2009 it was reported that Michael Martin was under pressure to resign over his fa…8 Replies
to resign from sth. - (von etw.) demissionierenLast post 12 Nov 08, 14:07
Duden: http://www.duden-suche.de/suche/abstract.php?shortname=fx&artikel_id=29593&verweis=1 1 Replies
wegen etw. zurücktreten - to resign for sth.Last post 27 Feb 10, 14:32
Frau Bischöfin Kaesmann ist wegen ihrer Trunkenheitsfahrt drei Tage danach zurückgetreten. -1 Replies
He proposed a motion that the chairman _resign._Last post 19 Feb 05, 11:04
He proposed a motion that the chairman _resign_. oder She demanded that he _return_ the bo…2 Replies

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