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Abel, bael, ball, bel, belle, belly, belt, bill, Bill, boll, bull, cell, dell, ell, fell, Hell, hell, jell, mell, pell, sell, tell, Tell, vell, well, Well, yell Ball, Beil, Bel, Boll, Elle, Fell, gell, hell, Tell, übel, Übel

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bell jar - die GlockeLast post 09 Jul 14, 17:48
bell jar n. A cylindrical glass vessel with a rounded top and an open base, used to protect …6 Replies
living "within the bell"Last post 01 May 08, 11:02
Another new world girl question I`m afraid: I was just recently introduced to the idea of "…8 Replies
Salvation Army bell ringerLast post 17 Dec 07, 11:43
"Anderson police arrested a Salvation Army bell ringer for shoplifting Christmas tree orna6 Replies
Interview mit Anthea BellLast post 24 Oct 18, 11:11
Ich bin gerade über dieses interessante Interview gestolpert:"The Grande Dame of Literary Tr…0 Replies
bellwether, bell-wether - LeithammelLast post 20 May 15, 08:29
http://www.dwds.de/cgi-bin/portalL.pl?search=Leithammel -hammel, der Hammel, der die Herde f…8 Replies
bell captain - ChefportierLast post 15 Mar 06, 15:37
www.dict.cc www.yourdictionary.com Gefunden mit www.google.de unter den o.g. Quellen, da ei…0 Replies
bell end - EichelLast post 15 Jan 20, 10:27
Native Speaker The fool trapped his bell end in his zipper. Slang expression17 Replies
coquille, bell, bell guard, guard - die Glocke [fencing]Last post 19 Feb 10, 10:28
Glocke ...6. (Fechten) halbkugelförmiger, aus Metall bestehender Schutz für die Hand oberhal…0 Replies
Bell's hinge-back tortoise - Bell’s hingeback tortoise - Bell's hinged-backed tortoise - Bell’s hinged tortoise - Bell’s hingebacked tortoise - Glattrand-Gelenkschildkröte, f (Kinixys belliana) Last post 06 Feb 19, 18:01
Bell's hinge-back tortoise - Bell’s hingeback tortoise  [Zoologie] - Glattrand-Gelenkschildkrö0 Replies
bellLast post 10 May 10, 11:20
Her well trained pet dove sullies their caps. Who dares divest her of her appendages? Who'll…3 Replies