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Orthographically similar words

Bond, bond, bone, bong, Bonin, bonk, bonny, boon, born, conn, ebon Bann, Bon, Bond, Bong, Born

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Bonn - BonnLast post 30 Mar 07, 20:18
A flight from Cologne/Bonn to Birmingham. My parents moved to Bonn. Bonn was the provisorily…14 Replies
Bundesstadt Bonn?Last post 04 May 07, 18:07
Seitdem Bonn nicht mehr Bundeshauptstadt ist, nennt sich die Stdat nun "Bundesstadt". Meines…19 Replies
misheard Bamberg v. BonnLast post 24 May 07, 08:29
Would be very grateful for any completions or corrections. Of what part of Germany is Head …11 Replies
In Bonn there are...Last post 24 Oct 10, 13:30
In Bonn there are a lot of nice cafès and restaurants Kann man in diesem Zusammen hang ther…5 Replies
Help for brother-in-law moving to BonnLast post 15 Jun 09, 09:51
My English brother-in-law has been offered a job in Bonn for a few months and he has two que…7 Replies
2.,erg. Aufl., 3.Ausg., Bonn 1987 - 2nd extended edition, 3rd reprint, Bonn 1987Last post 19 May 07, 23:18
I'm posting this as I've not been able to find a definitive explanation of these expressions…15 Replies
Frühlingstour ohne Konzert in der Nähe von Bonn - spring tour is missing a venue next to bonnLast post 28 Nov 09, 20:40
Kann man das so sagen..? Danke :)1 Replies
Der abwechselnd in Bonn und Köln ausgetragene Wettbewerb - The event which takes place alternately in Bonn and KölnLast post 23 Jan 08, 18:02
Is that ok? Does it have to be a construction with which?1 Replies
...splits his time between Boston and BonnLast post 04 Dec 08, 21:04
He splits his time between Boston and Bonn. Meaning: he spends about half the year in one, …4 Replies
Bonn, die "Bundeshauptstadt" am RheinLast post 07 Jul 06, 16:11
Bonn, the "federal capital" at the Rhine Es geht um die Präposition 'am Rhein. Vielen Dank …0 Replies