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Chrimbo, Xmas, Yule, yule, yuletide, Yuletide

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Christmas Last post 28 Dec 07, 19:05
Hallo Alle! Ich habe seit kurzem eine amerik. Brieffreundin und möchte ihr gerne über mein W…1 Replies
at Christmas - on Christmas?Last post 10 Dec 08, 15:39
Hi, Got a little blackout right now. Is it: "What are you going to wear on Christmas?" or "…3 Replies
Christmas carol - Christmas carolLast post 22 Dec 09, 10:18
If anyone has time to look over this very hurried and rather miserable translation, I'd be e…26 Replies
Christbaumkugel - Christmas ball ornament, Christmas bauble, Christmas tree ball Last post 25 Dec 10, 19:58 Replies
Merry ChristmasLast post 28 Mar 03, 18:50
Schöne Feiertage und alles Gute für 2003. Vielen Dank für die immer prompte Hilfe! 18 Replies
Christmas cardsLast post 20 Dec 03, 10:48
More of a cultural question than a language one - hope that's OK; I was just exchanging Chri…17 Replies
Christmas JokesLast post 22 Nov 04, 20:08
Ich habe Faden nur gestartet, um einen Vorwand zu haben, diesen Witz zu erzählen: Mary and …0 Replies
Happy ChristmasLast post 16 Dec 04, 10:48
And now for something completely Christmassy: After having spoken to a couple of colleagues…5 Replies
christmas cardLast post 16 Dec 04, 19:27
Habe soeben von DEM bayrischen Automobilhersteller eine Weihnachtskarte bekommen. Entweder h…19 Replies
christmas morningLast post 08 Jan 07, 22:55
On christmas morning we give each other presents.5 Replies

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