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denial, detail, entail, mental, rental Detail, mental

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dental operatory - Zahnärztliche PraxisLast post 30 Apr 11, 18:30
englisch: auch dental surgery, dentist's surgery Quellen: (1) Brockhaus,20,566 (2) Worte…2 Replies
dentistry - die ZahntechnikLast post 27 Jun 10, 21:09
proposed additional correction/related entries: dental laboratory technology - die Zahntechn…1 Replies
dentalLast post 03 Sep 10, 11:02
KIM How would you feel about being my permanent assistant? A hundred dollars more a week. F…3 Replies
dental reamer - Reibahle (Zahnarzt)Last post 08 Sep 08, 23:03
a dental reamer adapted for removing damaged nerve tissue and dead or injured cell material …0 Replies
dental hygiene - ZahlpflegeLast post 10 Nov 03, 16:43
Ancient man 'used tooth picks' Our human ancestors may have taken a close interest in denta…5 Replies
Zahnarztpraxis - dental practiceLast post 18 Mar 10, 18:29
Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob das englische Wort practice auch die Räume, in denen ein Arzt s…6 Replies
dental bandLast post 13 Aug 09, 16:49
anatomical crown, with or without a dental band Description of the possibilities of a softw…0 Replies
dental pickLast post 28 May 09, 11:35
Suche eine möglichst genaue medizinische Übersetzung für "dental pick", also so eine Art spi…4 Replies
dental recordLast post 31 Aug 08, 15:10
Formal identification of the body is expected to take some time. The female body was positiv…1 Replies
dental recordsLast post 10 Jul 08, 10:17
We now know that the accident survivor in the hospital identified as Laura is not in fact La…3 Replies