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fester, master, pester Aster, Auster, Elster, Ester, Laster, Master, Raster, Taster, Teaser, Tester, Zaster

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Easter Week - OsterwocheLast post 04 Mar 09, 21:12
Sorry, can't give any source. But we call it Holy Week as well as Easter Week.3 Replies
Happy Easter!Last post 24 Apr 11, 23:55
For " Happy Easter!" (as greeting, not in sentences as " Last year I had a happy Easter") I …2 Replies
A traditional German Easter?Last post 03 Apr 09, 10:56
WARNING: Rabbit-lovers, do not click on this link: http://www.thelocal.de/society/2009033…8 Replies
Good Friday/Easter MondayLast post 24 Mar 10, 08:58
Sorry for the perhaps rather obvious question, but these are both holidays in Germany aren't…38 Replies
Black eggs Easter custom ??Last post 23 Apr 14, 15:46
An Italian colleague was adamant that in the UK we give each other black eggs for Easter. Er…11 Replies
Happy Easter 2012Last post 19 Mar 12, 08:12
Ich fand diesen schönen Text im Internet, leider ohne Quellenangabe: Easter kommt immer s…2 Replies
An Easter custom - egg shackling?Last post 26 Apr 11, 14:25
In an article in Die Zeit, it is claimed that egg shackling is an Easter custom in Great Bri…13 Replies
Something to do over EasterLast post 19 Apr 14, 02:36
Those who have time on their hands might enjoy translating these one-liners into German; pos…16 Replies
Easter eve bonfire - das OsterfeuerLast post 23 Apr 06, 18:38
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osterfeuer Unfortunately, I was unable to find an English sour…5 Replies
Easter Island - die OsterinselLast post 05 Jun 05, 04:56
see examples Oxford Duden German Dictionary: Osterinsel die Easter Island Langenscheidt, De…1 Replies