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Deutsch: EinkaufswagenLast post 24 Aug 08, 19:59
Hallo! Ich weiß, dass meine Frage in ein Englisch-Forum nicht hineinpasst. Ich wäre jedoch ä…2 Replies
Unterstand für EinkaufswagenLast post 20 Jul 07, 15:40
...vor dem Supermarkt shopping trolley shelter Liege ich da richtig, oder gibt's was Gäng…6 Replies
Trolley - Einkaufswagen /GepäckkuliLast post 22 May 07, 16:08
On a sign you can read: please do not take your trolley beyond this point no further contex…9 Replies
shopping trolly - EinkaufswagenLast post 24 Dec 11, 11:24
Buch Red Line New 65 Replies
Einkaufswagen mit Babyschale - shopping cart with baby seatLast post 22 Feb 12, 20:23…1 Replies
trolleyloadLast post 29 Mar 07, 21:13
"He picked up a bottle of wine from the top of the heap. It looked like bloody Christmas, th…1 Replies
flat trolleyLast post 23 Oct 08, 12:05 Weiß jemand, wie man diese Wägen nennt, d…4 Replies
shopping cart softwareLast post 26 Jul 09, 23:22
Shopping cart software a lot of times will come with a web building program, so take advanta…6 Replies
cart bay Last post 29 Apr 09, 16:38
Are cart bay and curbs highly visible and well maintained? (to avoid damage on cars and acci…2 Replies
Is the surface smooth, where wheelchairs and shopping carts might pass? Last post 29 Apr 09, 13:16
Is the surface smooth, where wheelchairs and shopping carts might pass? Kann den Satz nicht…2 Replies

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