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officer, manageress, manager, management, director

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executive summary - KurzfassungLast post 01 Mar 10, 12:01
1) Executive summary ( http://www.hope.ac.uk/gnu/stuhelp/report2.htm ) The purpose of an ex…16 Replies
Handlungsbevollmächtigter - Junior executiveLast post 30 Jan 09, 18:43
Sorry to keep harping on about this term (Handlungsbevollmächtigter), but - since it doesn't…3 Replies
non-executive director, non-executive chairmanLast post 25 Nov 06, 17:48
Die für mich leidige Frage der Berufsbezeichnungen! Ich habe auf der "Management"-Seite ein…0 Replies
leader, manager, executive manager, executiveLast post 05 May 11, 11:59
Hello everyone, what is the difference between those words regarding to the business sphere…9 Replies
Client ExecutiveLast post 13 Nov 01, 12:01
Was bedeutet das.2 Replies
executive producerLast post 24 Jun 07, 14:01
In the Leo dictionary I found 'executive producer' for 'Produktionsleiter'. Is that a synony…3 Replies
executive houseLast post 03 Jan 19, 11:32
Die Protagonistin in meinem Roman ist vorübergehend aufs Land gezogen, zurück in das Dorf, a…12 Replies
executive producer - produktionsleiterLast post 15 Feb 05, 14:34
additional translation0 Replies
executive producer - Produktionsleiter (Handel)Last post 24 Oct 07, 16:29
production manager manufacturing manager head of production executive producer ist der Ausfü…0 Replies
executive chair - der ChefsesselLast post 01 Aug 06, 19:54
Chefsessel Chef|ses|sel [ʃɛf- m. 5] 1 Bürosessel des Chefs 2 [übertr.] die führende Pos2 Replies