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Explosion, explosion, repulsion Explosion, Repulsion

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legal expulsionLast post 03 Dec 09, 13:55
The exceptional degree of freedom for international movement which exists for Africans is di…6 Replies
expulsion - AusweisungLast post 16 Sep 03, 13:35
The diplomat's...expulsion...from Britain comes at a time of strained relations between the …9 Replies
suspension and expulsion Last post 28 Feb 11, 18:30
Examples of important questions include: recommendations on peace and security; election of …3 Replies
weld expulsion / weld slagLast post 06 Jan 05, 15:20
I received the following information on the two words (from an American): "Weld expulsion" …3 Replies
expulsion of air (syringes)Last post 03 Jun 15, 17:12
Expulsion of air from drug-filled syringes Wie wird denn das "Herausdrücken" von Luft aus S…1 Replies
to expel/expelling - to expulse/expulsing - expulsionLast post 25 Mar 04, 10:56
I wonder, why I canŽt find none of the following words in LEO: neither "to expulse / expulsi…11 Replies
Ausschluss der Komplementärin - expulsion of the general partnerLast post 03 May 12, 13:24
ist das richtig?4 Replies
is "their mother Katie's expulsion from the family" ok?Last post 27 Nov 08, 17:33
... the events which resulted in "their mother Katie's expulsion from the family". -mother …5 Replies
expulsion of third-country national [ADMIN.][JURA] - Rückführung von einem Staatsangehörige dritter Länder [EU]Last post 11 May 22, 15:59
Siehe Wörterbuch: "expulsion of third-country national"https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-conte…7 Replies
die Verweisung von dem Angesicht des Richters - the expulsion from the face of the judgeLast post 31 May 09, 11:09
(Mir ist schon klar, dass auch der deutsch Text seltsam klingt, daran ist nichts zu ändern.)…5 Replies

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