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gr. HinweisenLast post 16 Nov 02, 21:30
actually that's a dative, so I guess that's a bad example. But I'm thinking, esp. with the …0 Replies
gr. HinweisenLast post 17 Nov 02, 03:19
hell, I was right the first time....... I need to get some sleep (up all night) bye2 Replies
GR/IR - WE/RELast post 11 Jan 06, 13:33
General accounting, Goods received/Invoice received - Wareneingang/Rechnung Eingang. Abbrev…8 Replies
gr/dscfLast post 27 Jul 07, 08:44
..."emissions shall not exceed 0.005 gr/dscf and 2.98 lb/hr..." Im Zusammenhang mit Richtlin…3 Replies
GR planLast post 06 Aug 08, 07:51
changes of the GR plan (...) are to be agreed upon with the client and be trained into the e…2 Replies
Abkurzung 'Gr'Last post 12 Jul 08, 17:10
Ort: Gr. Wollersdorf 175 Does 'Gr' be an old name for Street? It's from an old postcard an…2 Replies
Gr.-HeeresdienstbaustelleLast post 31 Dec 08, 17:34
What is it? It has to do with building a concentration camp, and apparently Gr.-Heeresdien…2 Replies
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Bube, Dame König (Gr)as)Last post 07 Apr 09, 11:06
Bacon hat auf die Frage nach seinem neuen Nick diesen seinen Lieblingsfilm so oft erwähnt, d…58 Replies
Gr8, thx m8 - Schottland erlaubt SMS-Sprache in KlausurenLast post 29 Apr 07, 22:08
http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/story/0,,1938314,00.html "Thank you, Scotland. Firs…16 Replies
gr´ße TraditionLast post 07 Sep 09, 17:07
Ein Unternehmen mit großer Tradition3 Replies