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bull, cull, dull, full, gull, Hall, hall, haul, Hell, hell, hill, hulk, hullo, Hullo, hurl, lull, mull, null, pull, Pull, shul Hall, hell, Huld, Hulk, Mull, Null, null

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unshell, jacket, carcase, carcass, fuselage, pod, shell, husk, shuck


Adverbien mit zwei Formen mit unterschiedlicher Bedeutung
We had to dig deep but we managed to win the match in the end. (idiomatische Redewendung)

Forum discussions containing the search term

hullLast post 15 Apr 07, 21:06
When selecting fruit, look for unblemished fruit with bright green hulls. As with any other …6 Replies
hull - HülleLast post 10 May 10, 14:42
"Hull" wird zumindest von den Mathematikern in der Fachliteratur auch für "Hülle" verwendet.…25 Replies
planing hullLast post 01 Oct 11, 12:47
Planing hulls, which have flat bottoms, are for high-speed boats. And at top speeds, the for…1 Replies
displacement hullLast post 01 Oct 11, 12:47
The most common type of hull is the displacement hull, which has a prow that cuts through th…1 Replies
hull fairing compoundLast post 09 May 07, 15:11
shims or filling compounds shall not be used to correct improper fit ( with the exception of…3 Replies
twin-hull boatLast post 24 Jul 07, 23:46
A twin-hull type boat (b) and an outrigger boat have good stability. Doppelrumpfboot ?6 Replies
Skolem Hull ConstructionLast post 02 Feb 07, 11:24
Das werden nur Mathematiker/Logiker kennen. Wird z.B. zum Beweis von Löwenheim-Skolem verwen…2 Replies
purple hull peasLast post 11 Mar 11, 12:48
Beschreibung der Gemüse in einem Garten in Arkansas ich finde zwar reichlich Bilder und Rez…4 Replies
stepped hull designLast post 11 Mar 11, 11:50
Satz: The catamaran offers exceptional performance and speed on the water thanks to a powe…1 Replies
all-risk annual hullLast post 27 Dec 11, 18:15
One of the most comprehensive all-risk annual hull and liability insurance policies availabl…1 Replies

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